The Crossroads between Should and Must

Since retiring I have the time to explore what I want to do – not always the energy nor the money, but certainly the time!  Framing that exploration in the context of “shoulds” and “musts” rather than “shoulds” and “coulds” is one I will have to sleep on.

The Crossroads of Should and Must with Elle Luna

10 comments on “The Crossroads between Should and Must

  1. Compelling and well done. On the side of should is where my mother lives, dependent on me, also the bills and responsibilities of home ownership and citizen obligation. The speaker is very young and I’m glad she was able to follow her instincts-muse, whatever it might be called – her “musts.” I can’t abandon the “shoulds.”


    • Shari,
      Yes, the speaker is very young. At that age I didn’t have a clue there even could be a “must” – perhaps it’s being raised by parents who struggled through the depression and World War II.
      However, taking compassionate care of others is an ego-less MUST from my point of view.


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