Laughing, Crying, Kissing, Cuddling etc. Rx!!!!!!!!

“Laughter is spiritual relaxation” is my favorite Baha’i quote and now here’s research proof it’s not just spiritual but medicinal!!!

What effect does laughing, crying, kissing, cuddling, and sex have on immune function and allergic responses?  Watch to find out.

Michael Greger, M.D.,

7 comments on “Laughing, Crying, Kissing, Cuddling etc. Rx!!!!!!!!

  1. Thanks for the post- now for more laughing, more crying- maybe more movies to assist! Cuddling is good, even if it doesn’t help allergies :-).
    Hope you are feeling more rested!


  2. I know why kissing works. Your mouth is closed to everything but the other person’s mouth and doesn’t permit entry of toxic organisms. Maybe the orgasms come later – after everyone has learned English better.
    Now, Judy, let us both go practice. I’m sure we’ll feel better soon.


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