O’ Woe is Me and my Rule of Halves (parenthetically speaking)

My dear Curious to the Max followers,

I imagine there are millions of you (I have a big imagination) who wait with bated breath and quickening heart beats for my posts – I shall call you Group Numero UNO.  You are keenly aware (due to your breath and heart rhythm) I’ve been bloggingly absent.  The rest of you (group 2, small “g”) are scratching your heads (or other parts) and wondering what I’m talking about because your lives, breath and hearts have gone on nicely without my posting.

For Numero UNO:  I just have lost my mojo, my energy, my focus – not interested in writing, reading, gardening, e-mailing, blog posts started and abandoned . . .  I’m giving credit to a fibromyalgia flare-up because fibromyalgia should be good for something.

For the second group: I am LOST, DEPLETED, SUFFERING and you probably don’t care . . .

On a serious note (not that I wasn’t serious before) fibromyalgia along with many other chronic conditions has a mind of it’s own and takes over at unexpected and unpropitious times.  After over 20 years of living with this condition I’ve still not got the hang of it.  When I feel decent I go, do, get overly involved and then crash for days, sometimes weeks (or months, but who’s counting).

The BACK half

The BACK half

To better manage what energy I have I’ve decided to do half of the ten things I currently need or want to do:

  1. Complete half the alphabet for the on-line daily blogging alphabet posting challenge. (I’ve half a mind not to even do the challenge this year and repost what I wrote LAST year).
  2. Brush half my teeth each day (I’ll alternate halves – half in the morning and half before bed)
  3. Clean and dust the half of the house I can’t reach.
  4. Stop watching the Super Bowl at half-time.
  5. Eat half the pan of brownies I’m making (half today and half tomorrow).

That’s half of my plans so I’m not going to write the other five.  

My New Motto (you can borrow it):

Live half my life with gusto, let the other half rest.

"This woman is half-baked as ever . . . "

“This woman is half-baked”




28 comments on “O’ Woe is Me and my Rule of Halves (parenthetically speaking)

  1. “I am LOST, DEPLETED, SUFFERING” I’m feeling the same way…but I do care about how you are feeling.
    One thing you didn’t do half way….You baked a WHOLE batch of brownies!!!
    Now that is one great accomplishment!!!

    I’m glad you felt you could get on here and post.
    I’m happy I felt I could get over here and read it.
    I think we are doing pretty darn good.

    (and thank you for the encouragement on my blog…by the way, I have been doing some art on an app on my tablet. It has felt good to just do it. Not necessarily emotional stuff, I’ve been doing art challenges…well less than half of them.., and it has been good for me to feel like an artist again..but emotions do come out in a lot of my work.. thank you for encouraging me)

    I care…really I do.
    you’ve been there for me for a long time.
    I haven’t always been around as much as I’d like, but you are always in my heart.


  2. …and you only get half a cup of coffee next time we meet. I wonder if Starbucks will give you half price? I’m all for your Rule of Halves, except I would suggest watching the second half of the Super Bowl. That’s when all the fun begins. But seriously, I agree with Carolyn: say NO every now and then. Conserve the mojo.


  3. Dear Friend, You are finally getting the ‘hang’ of retirement. You deserve to do what you want when you feel like it. 😊 You are now experiencing what you have been counseling which certainly helped me to adjust, my taking more time than ‘normal people’. Now you have first hand experience to use in your advisement but don’t have to use it because ‘YOU ARE RETIRED’. 😀 I’m still going thru the up & down of high energy & low sluggish days(14+ years) & keep telling myself, still trying to convince myself, it is ok. Sometimes I’m successful & other times not so much. But most everything can be done on the high energy time (or not). NO BIG DEAL!!😑

    I do miss communication with you & love your BLOGS reinforcing you are still in my life & the ICloud though not as a professional but a friend. I miss our visits. I was hoping retirement would help to improve your condition & sad to hear it is still with you

    Please keep in touch & know I am close by if you need a friend. 😘💕💕

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



  4. Where did that gorgeous picture come from. I need to steal it.

    On a serious note: Despite my RA, AS, and migraines, I still (more than half the time) get relief from the pain. Or at least half of it.


    • Jacqui,
      If you could have half the pain half the time then that would be nice. With all my moaning and groaning I don’t have nearly the severity of pain you do. I admire how you cope and juggle all your blogs and responsibilities.


  5. Bummer, bummer, bummer! So sorry to hear your mojo is AWOL and hoping it resurfaces some time soon.

    Go eat half the brownies right now and maybe you’ll feel a tad better. And if you can’t lift your hand to your mouth, just bend over and eat them from the pan.

    Thinking of you and expecting to see a recycle of last year’s alphabet. My memory’s bad so they’ll seem new to me anyway. Look after yourself.


    • Leggy P.
      I should have read your comment before Sharon’s!!!!! Once she throws herself on the pan of brownies . . .

      You’re right I can repost last years because my blog readers are probably too inundated with their own blogs and others to remember. I have over a thousand posts so maybe I’ll just start reposting EVERYTHING until my mojo returns. You are brrrrrrrrrriliant!


  6. Your halves are more than most people’s wholes, especially the cleaning and the brownies (YOU might be but make sure they are nothalf-baked). Not sure the teeth thing is the best half idea…


  7. I care, Judy, I care, so sorry you’re feeling like crapola. Maybe if you felt only half bad you would feel like crap… oh wait, that’s not nice.

    Seriously, your art is so expressive, you should be illustrating children’s books. You’d be making them happy all the time and that ain’t half bad… oh wait, that’s not good English.

    BTW, I’d like to come over and eat the entire pan of brownies – save you the energy depletion. See what I do for friends?


    • Shari B-P,
      If I felt half bad maybe I’d feel lik “ola”!!!

      I would illustrate children’s books IF I knew how to illustrate! I actually googled illustration and it’s waaaaaaay more complicated than it sounds.

      BTW – You are the BEST friend ever. Throwing yourself on my pan of brownies is surely classified in the annuls of heroic acts as the ULTIMATE sacrifice.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Awww, Judy-Judith! I’m so sorry to learn that you’ve been dragging your sorry self around lately….

    I have one word of advice for you, and that word is “NO!”

    NO to blogging challenges, NO to cleaning and dusting, NO to the Super Bowl, NO to everything (except the brownies, of course, this goes without saying and maybe you should also still brush half of your teeth after you eat those brownies…)

    Take care, rest up, watch lots of Ellen reruns on TV so you’ll laugh every day…



  9. So sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I haven’t been posting much either but my excuse is that I’m tired and have been falling asleep over my computer in the evenings. Part of the problem is that I go to bed too late and partly I’m fighting off a cold. Today, after a colleague came to see me, I was overcome by her perfume. I became nauseated and ended up with a terrible headache. My boss was ready to send me home because she thought I was coming down with the flu but after I removed myself from my room (where the scent lingered for awhile) I started to feel better. I’ve never experienced a sensitivity to perfume before. Of course this isn’t even comparable to what you’re going through. I hope you can fight your way through this soon. Carol


  10. My, you are out of it… today is February 5th… tomorrow, Saturday is February 6th! Or maybe you already lived half of Friday and then decided to not finish the second half of Friday, February 5th and go directly to the first half of February 6th …. But does that mean that it is now Saturday for the rest of us… or can we first finish the second half of Friday before we go to the first half of Saturday??? This is starting to sound really strange…


      • Excellent outlook on life. I liked what my mother in law taught me about mounding housework. “It will wait.” she said. And so much of our rushing around is for things that can wait. Le’s let t life wait for us, instead of always trying to catch up to its hollow demands. Rest is under rated. On that note, i will quote another favorite saying by George Bernard Shaw “Enjoy convalescence. It’s the part that makes illness worthwhile.”


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