FYI – MY HeART of Spirituality

I’m posting my HeART of Spirituality workshops, spiritual art journal pages, tutorials etc. on a separate blog.,

The HeART of Spirituality,

It’s under JUDYwesterfieldas opposed to JUDITHWesterfield.  (It probably should be reversed since judy is definitely not as serious as Judith).  

As always, it’s been a steeeeeeep learning curve trying to figure out a new blog template (which I might change)  but it helps keep me occupied so I don’t have to focus on cleaning, thinking, washing, aches and pains or yard work.

Here’s my latest journal page for those of you who don’t want to subscribe to yet another blog and/or click on the above links.

Journal page, mixed media, Proverbs 11:16

Journal page, mixed media, Proverbs 11:16

My husband looked at it and asked who I wanted to strangle!  I just smiled knowingly . . .

6 comments on “FYI – MY HeART of Spirituality

  1. Judy, I can especially relate to the right hand side of your journal. It reminds me of myself decades ago when I was full of passion and exercising it by protesting war. Your art is rich with nuance and emotion – I always spend a long time looking at your art. Well done, Friend.


    • Shari B-P,
      thanks Shari for your thoughtful and very generous comment. The kind of journal art I do is not thought out and I just pick the images intuitively and then splash paint and such on the pages – so you are right there almost always is a lot of emotion. The interesting part for me is that connections to thoughts and feelings become apparent to me over time, not necessarily while I’m creating it. (Also, it’s quick and fun which are major criteria for me!!!)

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