Facebook Alert – I’ve been HACKED

If you’ve received weird messages from me on Facebook they are NOT me. 

(well, some of the weird things are from me but they are ALWAYS from a BLOG POST)

Do NOT click on any links saying you have won money or I have won money – It’s a scam.

Here’s the situation and the problem:

  • Someone has hacked into my account and then created a bogus page with my picture and name and sending messages/friend requests etc. to my Facebook friends.
  • I RARELY go on Facebook and have NEVER chatted on Facebook.  (Facebook, frankly, drives me crrrrrrrrrrazier than I already am.)
  • People think I’m on Facebook regularly because my blog AUTOMATICALLY puts blog posts on Facebook without my doing anything.
  • I’ve spent 3 days trying to figure out what to do:  I’ve changed my password, gone over everyone’s profile/page who shares my name on Facebook, sent numerous messages to Facebook, changed my settings, deleted, unfriended, defriended . . .
  •  THANK YOU TO ALL my Facebook friends WHO HAVE ALERTED ME and are still my friend!!

If I can’t get it resolved I will close down my Facebook account and you will have to subscribe to my blogs to continue to receive weird messages from me.

13 comments on “Facebook Alert – I’ve been HACKED

  1. I had this happen to a friend of mine on FB, she doesn’t have a blog, no outside links to her page…well little pictures she probably put up there, she’s a teacher.
    I don’t know how she fixed it, but the other “her” is gone.
    They used the same picture she was using at the time so it really looked like it was from her. But why were we all getting these weird reqest? I don’t think most of her friends were that stupid.
    I’m sure yours aren’t either.

    Good luck my dear.


    • Jacqui,
      Easier said than done about notifying Facebook. I’ve been working on it for three days – you can NOT talk to a living person and the “report” options are a stab in the dark. Several people have been able to report it as they’ve received the posts. I only use Facebook when I’m taking an on-line class and they are using a closed group.

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  2. Judy, I’m so sorry you’re going through this garbage – the anonymous criminal hiding behind technology. Talk about blind justice. It’s one of the reasons I choose not to link my blog to every other communication opportunity out there. Pin this, loop that, cheep cheep around the clock. I figure if someone is trying to “promote” me and my blog, they aren’t doing it out of the kindness of their divided little heart – they’re doing it because their blood runs green and they’re really promoting themselves.
    Free is free until the bill collector arrives. I hope you get FREE of this miserable situation and I hope the perpetrator gets a shock every time he/she tries to cash in on your work – a little electrical reminder to keep their hands out of someone else’s pocket – and off their FB account. IMHO.


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