The HeART of Spirituality – Renewal

Eighteen – count ’em, 17 wonderful women and one marvelous man, Reverend Kent Doss, created beautiful prayer/contemplation cards at the Tapestry Unitarian Church The focus was RENEWAL and making prayer/contemplation cards.

Those of you who have facilitated workshops know that quintuple the amount of time of the actual workshop goes into creating the material, administrative stuff, setting up and cleaning up.  I knew I was tired when I got home because I ate everything that would fit in my mouth that didn’t require cooking, cleaning or chewing.

Here’s 1/2 of the pictures.  If you want to see the other half and more about the cards you’ll have to click here: The HeART of Spirituality

(verrrrrrrrrrry clever of me to get you to go to the other blog . . .).

Apologies to those of you whose cards didn’t upload. Some of the photos didn’t “photo” – a bit of blame goes to the glare off the images, a bit goes to my photography skills and the rest goes to my inability to “clean up the photos” on the computer.

Betty Blobfish sez: "Excuses, excuses excuses ."

Betty Blobfish sez:”Excuses, excuses .”

6 comments on “The HeART of Spirituality – Renewal

  1. Judy, Yes you are ever-so- clever! Enjoyed looking at the artwork. I wanted to go, but couldn’t that day, and I knew 5 out of those 18 people! Hope to attend another one. Miss you!
    Love, Kathe


    • Kathe!!! You commented! and weren’t kicked out. THANK YOU. (I do not like FACEBOOK.)
      You knew 5 of those in attendance – that’s 4 more than I knew. Yes come one of these months would love to see you.
      xxxxxx j.


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