Sneek Peek – sketchy sketches & monkeying around

In my drawing class we’re suppose to rapid sketch every day.  I’ve been rather lax so decided to participate (sorta) in the on-line #CreativeSprint to do something creative every day.   I figure if I do 3 sketches at one time it counts as 3 days for both the class and the sprint.  I’m ahead of the game!  Here’s 14 days worth:

These are not shitty FIRST drafts, they are the only drafts. 




AND TA DA the piece de resistance!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Any resemblance to the “artist” is coincidental)


"She has too much time on her hands . . ."
“The only difference I see is the “artist” has 4 more toes”.


18 thoughts on “Sneek Peek – sketchy sketches & monkeying around

              1. lol! Well….I’m past 45, so it did take me quite some time. Watercolor was what sucked me in. Now I draw, paint, I have to make some kind of art every day to stay (what in my world we call) balanced. If you haven’t found it, you will! Do you experiment with different mediums?


  1. You are Too funny and a talented artist. I’m impressed. Wish you could send some of your creativity motivation to me somehow. I haven’t done anything in quite awhile. Right now waiting for the gender of new addition (Lisa’s daughter 2nd) due in Oct. to make my traditional first(blue or pink) baby blanket. I have many projects in ‘the ‘ room but no interest in doing in this stage of my old age. Thanks for sharing. Happy you are keeping busy after retirement.

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



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