17 comments on “Sneek a Peek – Art Stuff

  1. Outstanding!! Did you use Cubism? I just read in my daily Trivia about Picasso & who created cubism with him. Good job your progress is amazingly moving quickly. Keep up the good work.

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



    • Linda, Thank you! No it’s not cubism – the “box” you see around the sketch is how the teacher showed us to get the features in alignment. Since it’s a live model it helps to envision it as best as possible as 3-dimensions. The box helps to do that. I’m learning!!

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    • Jacqui,
      thanks for the “amazing”!!!! It’s more like a human face because we had a live model. I think that copying pictures from other 2-dimensional photos – although great drawing exercises – tends to make the drawings flatter.

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  2. Judy, you are an amazing artist. I think the word I’m looking for is “gifted.” There are many galleries in the OC. You should be thinking about a one-woman show.

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    • Chuck,
      You are very kind. I have some talent but if you saw some of the other student’s work . . . Maybe with more practice I could get there. Thank you for your encouragement. I’ve never really had any and consequently have never taken anything I’ve done artistically very seriously.


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