Mess’n Around and Cutt’n Up

I know, I KNOW, you’ve missed me this past week (I do NOT want to know if you didn’t).  In my life long effort to be better focused I tried to cut down on my computer time . . . browsing the internet, reading blog posts, watching videos, reading the news . . . AND posting.  It really worked except for browsing the internet, reading blog posts, watching videos and reading the news.

With all the time I’ve gained by not posting I’ve been gardening and messing around with sketching.  I tried (tried being the operant word) to use my new pastels to do a realistic portrait.

The lady I drew (using a famous portrait as a reference) was so ugly I was embarrassed to show her in public.  So I just had fun and gave her a cosmetic make-up.  The background got to be so ugly and muddied I just cut it away.  She’s no beauty either but I had nothing else to post . . .

DSCN6476 DSCN6477

 Now that I’ve posted I’m on to browsing the internet, reading blog posts, watching videos and reading the news.


“More proof she’s losing it . . .”

9 comments on “Mess’n Around and Cutt’n Up

  1. Listen here my friend. I’m getting a little pissed off at you for apologizing for the art you’re creating!!! As you know, as talented as I am, I have always felt I had no artistic drawing ability. Then you go and create something I think is great and you go complaining about how you just didn’t think you did good and put down the image you ended up with. It puts me in a mindset that I would never even try to draw anything, as there is no way I could even come close to something you’ve created that I think is exceptional and you think is close to a failure. Have you not looked at some of the famous artists and their portrait work. Many of them are not anatomically correct, beautiful or ‘normal’ looking subjects. Just take a look at my favorite – Gustav Klimt. Most of his woman (which are many) have extremely long and odd shapes faces. Yet hes has won my heart forever.

    Your loving friend,

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    • Judith, my hanger girl,
      Ok Ok gulp. I didn’t mean to piss you off. See my reply to Shari why I was frustrated with my attempt at realism. You are right about famous artists. Klimt is wonderful, I agree. Thanks for the “great”!!!
      xxxxxx j
      P.S. Yes, with your talent you COULD come close to my drawings!!! It just takes practice.


  2. Look at Cezanne’s’ portraits and then tell me you failed. Pretty isn’t the point – capturing her sense of herself is – and that you did very well. All you really need is to fill in a bit of the top of her hat above her right eye. If everyone played as well with pastels, we’d have a lot more wonderful art.

    I’m like you on the Internet – everything but the posts. Sigh…..


  3. I enjoy your communication & admiration of your self discipline & artistic talent. Thanks for keeping me on your sharing list. I am getting some motivation to start knitting again after seeing a shawl (the ‘in’ style) I think I could do. I sent for pattern & will see if I have enough yarn for the pattern in the bag to give away, before I do.

    Keep up the news sharing. Hoping you are feeling better. 💕💕😘

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



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