Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life

Here’s my semi-weekly Did you Miss Me!!!!!??????? post.  Lately, it seems like every other week I’m blogged-out.  As my energy (and attention) waxes and wanes so too my posting.

The last art classes produced these projects.  The first was sketching onto a plastic plate and then using water soluble color to print.

Left side - acrylic plate Right side - print

Left side – acrylic plate
Right side – print

Print with watercolor

Print with watercolor

In the portrait class we had 3 hours to create a portrait of a real live man.  And although I’ve been known to take liberties with the models . . . like adding arms where there are none . . . I didn’t make up his hair-do.

Pastel Portrait

Pastel Portrait

Bob Blobfish sez: ". . . I p"

Bob Blobfish sez: “Her artistic range is either versatile or erratic.  To be kind I’ll call it erratically versatile . . .”


8 comments on “Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life

  1. I’ve used (and taught) styrofoam printing, but on an plastic plate is new to me. You’ll have to show me how, if you will.

    The portrait is wonderful – you show skill and awareness of shadows, mass, and proportion. I like your use of color. Many people use dark and black too heavily.


    • Shari B-P,
      I’ll show you the plastic – it was very easy to carve and would be perfect for older children. The teacher gave us the name of where she bough it in Laguna Hills. I’ll get it in class for you.

      Thanks for the “wonderful”!! I did catch the likeness and was pleased with that. Pastels are tricky for me and the teacher wants us to put layer upon layer upon layer to get the mass and form. It’s challenging but I’m learning.


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