Sneek a Peek into my sketchy life – nudes and buts

Sorry, I’ve been blogged-out for so long.  I know, I know, yet another sorry-I’ve-been-gone-for-so-long-post.  

BUT I decided today is a brand new beginning.  “BUT” literally and figuratively.  (For those of you who are squeamish scroll down to the nude part because I begin with the BUTT . . .  mine to be exact.)  

Just had a colonoscopy. The bad news – I didn’t have a very good day yesterday.  The good news – I lost 4 pounds.  The bad news – I have wasted today sleeping.  The good news – I don’t remember a thing.  

Now that I’m squeaky clean it’s time for a new start – Going to go back to cutting out (maybe down) on refined sugar & carbs and cutting up on the internet.

Here’s my latest sketches.  I start with my favorite:

10 minute charcoal sketch
20 minute charcoal sketch
10 minute charcoal sketch

11 thoughts on “Sneek a Peek into my sketchy life – nudes and buts

  1. Hi Judy-Judith – I have always thought that the procedure is a piece of cake compared to the yucky prep routine. Once, I got my appointment dates wrong and showed up at the hospital a week early (only to be sent home, of course, with instructions to redo the yucky prep one week later! Aaarrrgggh! ) There is of course that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling afterwards and the opportunity it brings for a new start!! Good luck. PS…. LOVE these sketches!


    1. Carolyn!!!!! Oh my goodness a two-time prep . . . ugh, ouch, ick and yuck. I agree the actual procedure is a no-brainer (it is said that the second brain is the intestinal track so may it is a yes-brainer) but the prep . . . I hate drinking all that liquid more than sitting on the john – in that case what goes in is more of a problem than what goes out . . .


  2. Hi sweetie! I hope you’re doing well. Like you, I’m feeling blogged out. I just can’t seem to get it together. Plus, we are selling our house. That is a ton of fun, especially in this heat.
    Hope you’re staying cool and ok from your colonoscopy! Miss you!!


    1. Rose!!!!! So nice to hear from you. I’ve just been blogging in fits and starts and stops – mostly stops. I can’t seem to get it together either and I’m not selling a house – MAJOR STRESSOR.
      Freddie is a darling – the sweetest lap dog we’ve ever had.

      You are included in my daily prayers so when your nose twitches it’s me praying!


  3. I continue to be impressed with your art. So good that you discovered your love and skill for art, maybe a bit later than you would have liked, but at least it’s getting a good exposure now. You are a natural. Your work is expressive. I love it.


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