Sneek a Peek – back to back basics

The general consensus among my women art classmates is they prefer drawing female curves rather than male muscles.  Next week I’ll ask the men.   One of the women said her husband was VERY upset she would take a class where the focus was staring at nude men.

For these sketches I threw muscles to the wind and just drew.  I took a few liberties (like cutting off the models head because he was wearing a ridiculous helmet which I refused to draw and beefing him up a bit to match my own fantasies . . .)

I’m only sharing the back views I drew . . . don’t want to upset any of YOU that I’ve been staring at full frontal nude men . . .


15 minute pose, charcoal sketch


5 minute pose, charcoal sketch


20 minute pose, charcoal sketch

12 comments on “Sneek a Peek – back to back basics

  1. You never cease to amaze me. Frankly I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t share all the sketches (wink wink). Judy


  2. Your progression of sketches shows how much you improved over the time period of the class. You have to learn how to see, and you did a great job in the last sketch.
    I loved my life drawing classes and have a lot of respect for the people willing to pose. It takes lots of strength to pose even for a short amount of time, not to mention a great deal of confidence.
    Thanks for posting your art class products each week – I’m really enjoying them, thinking seriously of taking a class. See what you started? 😀 tee hee.


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