Shower yourself with doodle art

This is one hot shower!  

“Third Man Records is pleased to share the genius surprise gift they received from their friend MICHEL GONDRY. On his own and without anyone’s knowledge, the legendary filmmaker shot a video for “City Lights,” which he sent them the other night. The video is Gondry’s fifth visual collaboration with The White Stripes. “City Lights” was written for The White Stripes’ GET BEHIND ME SATAN but then forgotten until White revisited the 2005 album for Third Man’s Record Store Day 2015 vinyl reissue and finished the recording in 2016. The track is the first new, worldwide commercially released song by The White Stripes since 2008.”

Music video by The White Stripes performing “City Lights” (Audio) from Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016. (C) 2016 Third Face, LLC

Director: Michel Gondry
Producer: Raffi Adlan
Camera/Editor: Brooke Palmieri
Special Thanks: Tilly Pederson, David Gritchen
Production Co: Partizan


4 comments on “Shower yourself with doodle art

  1. Very clever. More fun than a squeegee.

    FYI My close neighbor lost her 11yr old pet poodle from back yard last week by coyote snatch. No barks or any noise just a quick take. She is of course devistated & daughters have gotten her another rescue puppy to help with her crying & grief. Needless to say, Gidgett is in lockdown. No more out front or back w/o me & leash. Think they would have to lock me up if anything happened to my best buddy. Hoping all good with you. ❌⭕️

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



    • Linda,
      That’s a perfect comment about the squeegee!!!!!!

      I saw 2 coyotes on my walk with Freddie last week and one last night. I scooped Freddie up in my arms and went to a neighbors house who gave me and Freddie a ride home. There have been so many sightings lately that I usually carry a big stick with me when I walk at night. Not sure that would help or I’d know what to do with it though.


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