Dizzy blond and I ain’t even blond

Friday: Spent all day and evening in the ER.  I was EXTREMELY light-heading, threw up, missed my art class and spent 24 hours in bed thinking I’d feel fine in the morning . . . WRONG.  

Saturday: In the morning the  room was moving and I wasn’t. Every time I moved I threw up and there was nothing to throw-up since I hadn’t eaten anything (You have probably created a nasty picture in your mind . . .  just make it even nastier).  


Pencil sketch

The ER was even more fun.  Throwing up,  drawing blood, 2 CT scans (to make sure it wasn’t a stroke . . . it wasn’t) and finally, after 4 different anti-nausea medications and drips, I stopped throwing up. 

Sunday: I’m still dizzy and have to hold on to things to walk (it’s a bit wonky to type) but the good news, the GREAT news, is I’ve not thrown up.  The bad news is I’m still dizzy . . .  and  grey-haired.

"Such drama . ."

“If she thinks walking is hard she should try swinging from trees . .”

To my friends and acquaintances who suffer with Ménière’s disease. . . I have new compassion for you!

P.S.  For those of you I confused . .  I don’t have Menieres just plain Ditzy.




23 comments on “Dizzy blond and I ain’t even blond

    • Shari B-P,
      That makes two of us very glad not to have Meniere’s – that is the WORST. My heart goes out (doubly now) to those people who suffer from Meniere’s.
      I’m not able to do too much and it feels like I’m wasting precious time but I also know I can’t push it and need to stay safe. Luckily our house doesn’t have stairs.


  1. I hope the dizziness passes soon. Did they check to see if you had an inner ear infection. I had that years ago and fell from the landing at the top of our stairs to the main floor. Luckily I hit my head on the way down and knocked myself out so when I landed I was completely limp and didn’t break anything. It took doctors two weeks to figure out my dizziness was due to an inner ear infection.


    • Mama C.
      Oh my goodness, falling like that!!!!!!! Scary. All the doctors said the same thing – vertigo isn’t fatal but falling can be. I’m being extra cautious to hold onto things when I walk. You could have been killed or worse!
      My inner ears seem to be ok but if it doesn’t clear up by the week-end I’m supposed to see an Ear Nose & Throat doctor and a neurologist.


  2. Hey girl, So sorry to hear about your last few days. I have 2 friends who had same experience & diagnosed with Vertigo caused by unbalanced crystals in ears. One friend lives close by & she had another spell last week that sent her to the ER & for treatment to balance the crystals. She does exercises when she feels coming on. Dr referred her to balance clinic in LH. I’ve heard from both how sick they are with the ‘no warning’ spells. Sure hope you get your crystals balanced soon if Vertigo is what you have. I will keep you in prayers adding this recent issue. I’m happy to help you if needed or wanted. Keep me updated. Take care of yourself & don’t overdo. 😍💕

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



    • Linda,
      I also have known people who developed vertigo. As the ER doctors all told me – vertigo is not fatal but falling could be!
      Yes, it came on without any warning and it certainly doesn’t need to warn me if it wants to leave.
      I’m still walking like a drunken sailor . . .


    • James,
      Alas, if only it was something I drew – that way I could stop the vertigo by stopping the drawing! I’m feeling better because I’m not throwing up but still very wobbly (referring to my gait as opposed to my weight).


  3. oh darling I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone. I’m sorry you now understand more about what I go through. I hope it goes away soon. Do they have any idea what caused yours?


  4. Oh Judith, I’m so sorry you felt sooooo bad!!! I’m glad to hear it wasn’t a stroke and that you stopped throwing up!!! Xoxo


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