A Peak into my Sketchy Life – Bigger and Worser

(Well, not actually “worser” but I try to avoid trite phrases like “bigger and better”.)

 In case you’ve not noticed . . .  my drawings all go off the page.  I don’t mind the aesthetics of that but I want to be able to do it “by design”.  I try framing, measuring, planning . . . as the drawing progresses the limbs or head (or both) end up off of the paper.


17″ x 13″ Charcoal sketch on painters paper from Home Depot.

The life drawing teacher suggested I get a BIG board to work on a BIG piece of paper  to get the entire torso on the page.  So much for bigger . . .


36″ x 36″ Charcoal sketches (Model was wearing a weird hat with a huge veil that trailed down his back. And he has a beard and mustache . . .)

(Showing my hand on the paper to give you a sense of the scale).


36″ x 36″ paper


17″ x 13′ paper

"She'll do almost anything to avoid drawing hands and feet . . ."

“She will do almost anything to avoid drawing feet . . . or beards & mustaches”

12 comments on “A Peak into my Sketchy Life – Bigger and Worser

  1. Judy, You’re just Out of the Box and Off the Page in so many good ways! (I like it!) And yet I understand your desire to grow and change. Your drawings are so expressive and always improving!! Bravo.


  2. Judy, your art has improved enormously. Scale, perspective, dark and light – everything coming together.

    Kinda funny, your dilemma, because I always try to get my art to extend beyond the page. Nothing wrong with that and negative space can be an important element of any artwork.


  3. What you are experiencing is very common (and I understand annoying). A tactic that I found helpful was to draw a rectangle (or square or circle) on my drawing paper and then draw the figure within the rectangle (or the square or circle). For me, the rectangle became the ‘canvas itself’ and the ‘image’ would float inside the rectangle. And even if you can’t keep your image inside the rectangle, you can fool your brain into starting a smaller image; and then when you reach the edge of the rectangle, you will still have room on the paper to add more to the figure. Overall, I think your drawings are very communicative of attitudes, emotions, body structures, etc. And most of all… growth!

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