Irreversibly Front & Back

My friend Peggy and I are working on a new project to share our stash of  therapeutic strategies, tips and tricks on the internet.  In my exuberance,  “playing” with  settings for the new web-site, I mistakenly changed the theme setting for this blog  . . . and  can’t figure out how to change it back again .  So Curious to the Max has a new look, in case you didn’t notice.

And in case you didn’t notice we had a new model in class.  All these sketches were 15 minutes done with water-color pencil.

There are two “fronts” and two “backs” (She was sitting on a poofy cushion).


Water-color pencil 15 minute sketches

dscn6764 dscn6765 dscn6766

AND in case you don’t see the connection between my blog change and my sketches: Clicking a button on the computer and irreversibly changing the blog template is like drawing with water-color pencil.  I can’t erase or correct either of them.

"Excuses, excuses . . ."

“Excuses, excuses . .”

6 comments on “Irreversibly Front & Back

  1. These are really beautifully rendered. I like how you use small amounts of sanguine and charcoal smudge, letting the line carry the weight of the image. You’re developing your eye, seeing how body weight and edges relate to the whole form. Hard to believe you’re still a beginner because you show confidence and accuracy. Maybe a sense of honesty.

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  2. I do like the new look, but you should be able to change it under ‘themes’ or ‘customize, probably under ‘appearance’. If you want to meet for coffee, bring your laptop and we’ll play. But, just to reiterate–I do like the header you have now.


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