My Sketchy Life – why the nude still shocks

If you are an art buff or interested in the psychology of nudes read this article Why The Nude Still Shocks.  Not only is it interesting it underscores my past reluctance to put up the sketches of men as opposed to women. (see Equal Opportunity Nudes)

The model this week was male but he was wearing this warrior “get-up” that the men in the class seemed to enjoy drawing , . .  must be a testosterone “thing”.  I say “TAKE IT OFF!”

Water-color pencil

Water-color pencil


2 comments on “My Sketchy Life – why the nude still shocks

    • Shari,
      You have no idea how much it was toooooooo much – I didn’t draw the belt, the leather skirt-thingey around his waist, the arrow through his chest, the plume on his metal helmet . . . not only was he hiding his chin he was also hiding all his “private” parts. (He’s a model for the gaming industry – which apparently is big on warriors . . .)


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