Why Santa never gets caught


Doodlewash is a blog I follow – both for Charlie O’s great water-colors but even more for his wonderful stories and descriptions about each drawing.

Today’s Doodlewash post inspired my pome.

Pome by judy

No one catches Santa on the roof

or in the snow sees prints

of tiny reindeer hoof

for Santa’s no bigger than a fly

and reindeer all the size of ants

ferry him through the Christmas sky

I don’t think it silly at all

to imagine reindeer quite so small

and know 

how Santa slides down chimney flues

with nary much soot on his beard or shoes

So make your cookies the size of peas

and leave the milk in a thimble please

Limit the weight of gifts and such

to crush an ant

 it doesn’t take much

   *     *    *

To read Charlie O’s inspiring story click here:

How Do Reindeer Fly?

11 comments on “Why Santa never gets caught

    • Shari B-P,
      Not sure about “classic” but it WILL become part of my annual holiday posts. Didn’t send it to Charlie but he will get the info in ping-back notices that I mentioned him in the post.
      Thanks my friend for the “wonderful”, the “magic” and the “classic”

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ant size reindeer and Santa is eminently feasible, but perhaps we need to go further, perhaps atomic or even sub-atomic size would allow them to fly at near the speed of light further explaining the ability to deliver millions of gifts all across the world in one wondrous night.


    • Duffy’s Dad,

      Can’t give it short shrift
      the sub-atomic gift
      delivered at the speed of light
      by Santa’s sub-atomic might
      across the world in one wondrous night
      There’s a big problem for me
      Cuz it’s too tiny to see


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