Sneeeeek Peeeek – Back to the drawing boards

First week of art classes.  It’s amazing how “rusty” I felt after just 4 weeks of not drawing.  The model had not ONE ounce of fat anywhere on his body.


Charcoal, warm-up sketches

I decided to push myself a bit and drew a few quickies using pen & ink.  Ink is a bit intimidating since I can’t ERASE.

Pen & Ink sketch

Pen & Ink sketch


Pen & Ink Sketch


Charcoal sketch

I drew him to look like an old man!  . . .  in my defense his head was shaved . . .

Not only didn’t the model have an ounce of fat anywhere on his body  he didn’t have an ounce of hair anywhere  . . . at least not in the places I saw . . .

6 comments on “Sneeeeek Peeeek – Back to the drawing boards

  1. Judy, you haven’t lost any skill – your drawings are full of life and the poses are challenging. Glad you got into the class. As for no hair – he may have a germ fear or sadly, a medical condition that has removed his hair.


    • Shari B-P,
      I felt a bit stiff this class . . . maybe it’s stamina I lost?

      My guess is he shaved and is one of those who has very little body hair to begin with. But you may be right. The teacher on Friday is very laid back and let everyone in.

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    • Peggy,
      I like the first one the best too. It was the fastest – 3 separate poses. The more I try to make them look “beautiful” the less successful I think they are. There’s a man in the class who only works in ink and he is inspiring me. (of course, I didn’t post the really weird looking ink sketches!)


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