Invisible Illness – Prayers in search of “Cures”

I’ve written or spoken about my journey with fibromyalgia, the 40+ doctors, tens of thousands of dollars of tests and doctors telling me that nothing was wrong while handing me a psychiatric referral. 

Difference in Reactions to Fibro and Pacemaker

Fibromyalgia: Hysterical Middle-Aged Woman’s Syndrome

This Ted video got my attention.   I hope it gets yours because it’s likely you or someone you know has other invisible disorders such such as fibromyalgia, IBS, migraine, interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia and ME/CFS which affect millions and have been largely ignored by the NIH.

17 minutes

“Jen Brea’s Outrageously Successful Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) TED Talk”

Despite my own struggles, I’ve been blessed with relatively mild symptoms and the ability to lead a fairly high functioning life. Long ago I lost count of all those I know, worse off than me, who have “untreatable” or  invisible illnesses – friends, former clients,  internet blogfriends, children and many who follow my blog  

To all of you who are on similar journeys – – you are in my prayers.  It’s not a cure but it’s all we’ve got . . . for now.




8 comments on “Invisible Illness – Prayers in search of “Cures”

  1. Ted Talks is amazing in the interesting and informative topics that they present. This is very useful and I will share with others as am sure many could benefit from his information. Thank you.

    I do not have experience with this particular ailment but from my own history of breast cancer I do know that the way to good health is usually through eating plants and fruit and avoiding dairy, meat, wheat. So ideally an organic diet that includes as many veggies as possible creating what is called a “Rainbow Diet”.. See “Conscious Eating” by Dr. Gabriel Cousins. He cures many of diabetes, depression…. all through diet.

    Thanks for the link and post.


  2. There is a long history of diseases being misdiagnosed by physicians and ignored by the research community. Hopefully this is changing – it needs to. Best to you, Judy, as you deal with the issues that make you unwell.


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