Sneek Peek into my sketchy life – from sea to shining SEE

I am enjoying sketching the human form much more than inanimate objects or landscapes.  It stands to reason that I chose to be a psychotherapist rather than a landscape architect.

Here’s my latest sea-scape

Pen & Ink


and here’s my latest See !

Charcoal sketch

He kept moving his right arm . . . 

Charcoal sketch

6 thoughts on “Sneek Peek into my sketchy life – from sea to shining SEE

  1. Judy, I see faces in both of these sketches. In the sea-scape, I see a reclining woman in a swimsuit and wearing eyeglasses (she is in the rocks with her head on the left and legs to the right). And in the male model’s mid-drift there is a face with a bulbous nose, an eye (nipple) and a mouth (belly button). Nice job!

    Btw: The sea scape is a nice drawing “as” a sea scape!

    Hope you are feeling better. Miss you.


    1. Jan,
      NOW you’ve done it!!!! I can not look at these pictures without seeing the faces!! The male model with the bulbous nose now makes me smile instead of drool.
      The world now knows how imaginative you are!
      Hope you had a happy birthday!!!!


  2. I continue to be impressed by your art, Judy. You’re getting the proportions much more accurate and I like the way you use charcoal with some lines thin, others dark, and soft smudges for shadows. The first drawing of the male shows the tension in his fist. I love seeing your progress each class.


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