doodlewash SEALS the deal

Hug a seal
give it a kiss
all love is real
not hit or miss


Charlie O’Shields’ water-color

Charlie O’s watercolor “Hug a Seal” is charming (Charlie is charming too . . . as is evidenced by the stories he writes to accompany his water-color paintings).

Check it out (there’s a sweet video of a seal hugging a dog) and click here DOODLEWASH

12 thoughts on “doodlewash SEALS the deal

  1. PS and by the way – Remi first thought the website was going to be about “Doodles” of the k9 variety – he was a little disappointed, but got over it! 🙂


  2. Thanx for introducing me to Doodlewash – I think you should send him some of your work. Remi agrees!! Perhaps Freddie P could also contribute, as I know how talented he is. We miss you both!! Hugs!


    • Remis Mom, Human-Being,

      Thank you for endorsing me as a contributor to doodlewash. However, as you know, I am already a published poet laureate and would require the proper renumeration. Charlie O’ has a Canine Dog and I’m sure he would know what “renumeration” is appreciated.

      I miss you too!
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT RET


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