It’s all relative

With all the strife & stress in the world, I go out of my way to look for anything that brings me a smile.  The innocence of babies and animals is at the top of my list.  AND combining the two is the best.

Can’t help smiling at this picture of a newborn gorilla. He looks so content . . . it’s hard not to project my human emotions,  thoughts and intention onto animals . . . especially on those who “look like me” . . . minus the hair and pug nose.

Here’s the story behind the picture of the new-born gorilla:

“(CNN)Some Philadelphia doctors delivered a different kind of baby than usual Friday.”

“A team of veterinary and human medical specialists was called in to deliver a gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo after the mother, 17-year-old Kira, appeared to struggle during labor.
Usually, gorilla births are quick and the mother does not appear distressed. With Kira, however, staff at the zoo noticed she was growing tired after being in labor and were concerned for her health.”
“The surgeons, anesthesiologists and an OB-GYN were prepared to respond if anything went wrong during labor or Kira’s pregnancy. While gorilla cesarean sections aren’t out of the ordinary, this was the first assisted vaginal delivery for a gorilla since 2000, according to the Philadelphia Zoo. The birth required tools similar to those used during human deliveries.”
“Kira, a western lowland gorilla and first-time mother, gave birth to a healthy baby after a 1½-hour delivery and was fully recovered the next morning. This is the third offspring for 32-year-old father Motuba. The newborn male joins another baby gorilla from the zoo, also fathered by Motuba.”
‘”It was an anxious and dramatic day at the zoo, but in the end a tremendously rewarding one,” Dr. Andy Baker, Philadelphia Zoo’s chief operating officer, said in a news release.”

“I knew all along she was related”

7 comments on “It’s all relative

  1. The photo is wonderful. A few years ago, we took the older Grands to San Diego’s Zoo Safari Park. Every visit something wonderful has happened. and we feel the animals here are tended in an environment that is sorta close to their natural habitat.

    Anyway, we love the gorilla enclosure. We watched a few toddlers gamboling all over the place, even toppling over an adult male like he was a jungle gym – boy does that have double meaning here. Adult male was very tolerant, moving when he found the youngsters a bit of a pain. Then we noticed a mother carrying a very young infant and found out the baby was only a few weeks old. She carried the baby right next to her, nursed it, moved around, watched the older youngsters, and always kept the newborn safe in her arms. It was so poignant.

    I believe in letting wildlife live in their natural habitats but places like Zoo Safari give city folk a chance to grasp something about the needs of wild animals in a way that TV can’t do. Hopefully there will be continued support for sustainable programs and for animals in the wild.

    Glad to know Kira and baby are doing well.


    • Shari,
      What a wonderful experience to have with your grandkids. I, too, believe in the work that Zoos do yet am saddened that natural habitat is in such peril for so many species which necessitate the zoos.
      keep up the double meanings as they make me smile!


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