Sneek a Peek into my Pooped-out Sketchy Life

I’ve hit a wall – the fibro has flared it’s ornery self and striped me of energy.  My creative output is a bit puny.

The PROBLEM? –  No one can tell and I ain’t getting no sympathy.  I try not to be a whiner because I am sure others are as tired of my being tired as I am. This is the one place I can moan and grown cuz I know most of you won’t read it and are only interested in pictures of nude people . . .

charcoal sketch, 15 minutes


13 comments on “Sneek a Peek into my Pooped-out Sketchy Life

  1. I read because I enjoy your insight about the world. Keep hoping you will feel well soon and forever – waiting for that post!
    Oh, and nudes? I never noticed. (she says with her hands over her face, fingers separated.)


  2. This I totally understand! Rarely does one understand the outwardly silent conditions/diseases — unless they experience one of them. I hope this episode passes quickly, and you get a longer break between.


    • Thanks Wendy! The flare will end and then flare again . . . been doing so for over 20 years so I’ve given up on cure and just holding on . . . but then you know what that’s like even more than me.
      xxx j.


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