One Blind Mouse

Oct 24 Prompt BLIND

Posting a drawing a day on Curious to the Max with a once-a-week Sunday-7 Day Retrospective on CATNIPblog for those of you who just want to click- off the dailies!

6 comments on “One Blind Mouse

          • Now that’s an interesting thought! I know my hubby does not see colors the way I do. He didn’t even know the color of my eyes until I told him a few days ago – he can’t see the shade of green they are. But he also suffers from partial color blindness. We’ll have to do some research about how color is seen. Actually the history of how the human eye evolved to detect colors is really fascinating. Early humanoids saw mostly black and white, much as dogs do.

            I’m sorry, but I have to charge my professional fees for any more of my color lectures. Or we’ll talk in person. 😉


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