Frankly Freddie – Halloween Orange Alert

To all Human-beings:  It’s time for my Halloween ORANGE-ALERT.

 This Halloween

Don’t be mean!

Don’t you dare

make others stare

Dressing up

your precious pup

Please be fair!

just let us wear

our own hair.

Example of suspicious clothing

 To All my Canine Cousins:

Be on the look-out for your human coming back from the store with suspicious articles of clothing and paraphernalia that is NOT THEIR color, style or size.  If they start sweet-talking you or offering you treats RUN for your life & HIDE.

Example of humiliation.

No matter how many times I HAVE TOLD HUMANS not to humiliate us because they want to be amused it happens every year.  I prefer to think that Humans just aren’t very smart and have no memory retention beyond a few hours rather than the possibility they are simply insensitive creatures with no regard for our feelings.


Freddie Parker Westerfield, PIC&C

Protector of Innocent Creatures & Critters

and Kittys & Witches


4 comments on “Frankly Freddie – Halloween Orange Alert

  1. My neighbor dressed her adorable curly pup in a panda costume – she had one to match – adorableness all around. I’m a big believer in gettin’ silly once in a while. The only bad thing is if your human comes home with a cat costume for you – then I suggest you run!


    • Dear Shari Bonin-Pratt, human-being,
      My human will never dress me as a cat or other embarrassing costumes.. . . she knows how I feel on the subject plus she’s cheap and knows to spend money on tasty treats rather than anything that was only worn one day of the year.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, properly attired canine dog

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    • Dear Lisa Mollerunit, human-being,
      Your apology accepted. If only humans would act more humanely no apology would be necessary. But, alas, human’s are rather primitive creatures.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, D.C.C.C.
      Damn Cute Canine Dog.

      P.S. please see my response to Shari Bonin-Pratt, human-being to better understand my human’s motives.


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