Sneek a Peek at my sketchy life – Humbly Yours

In my teen years it was not “cool” to admit you did anything well, much less brag. You were suppose to be humble.  It seems times have not changed.  When I admire someone’s drawing in art class the usual response is to point out why it’s not very good and point out all the mistakes they made.  Is this humility?

We all are probably our own worst critics but I was wondering where the origins of this denying of our accomplishments comes from.   There are many students in class who have immigrated from other countries – Germany, China, Latvia, Vietnam, Korea – and at first I chalked it up to cultural norms.  However, the students native to the United States downplay or outright devalue their accomplishments too.

Is this false humility? Inability to celebrate our accomplishments?  Embarrassment?  

Charcoal, green pencil, water-color pencil – 15 – 20 minute sketches

Having posted my journey in life drawing classes  I can see where it’s not working and I can see my progress.  So I try to squelch my own inclination to negate a compliment and just say thank you.

Do you have trouble receiving a compliment?  . . . and why?


2 comments on “Sneek a Peek at my sketchy life – Humbly Yours

  1. These are gorgeous! You’ve made so much progress. The range of values subtly describes each figure and your proportions are accurate. The sketches suggest mood and character. I like the way some edges disappear while others are bold. You could use these sketches for reference for more detailed paintings if you wanted – or just hang them in your home and admire the work of a promising figure artist. Well done, Judy.

    There are cultural reasons for not claiming superior talent that have to do with supporting your tribe and thus lifting everyone toward achievement – unless you are… know who.
    We’ll talk about it in person. But what do I know?


    • Shari,
      THANK YOU!
      I thought about what the cultural reasons might be. I wonder if there is also a male/female difference. The men students in class don’t seem to denigrate their work . . . even when it’s not very good!!!

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