Fractured head to toe, day 10

Judy judy in a chair

TV blaring, messy hair

Foot throbbing, rumbled clothes 

bleary eyes, throbbing toes

Judy judy bored bored

slowly going out’a her gourd

Judy by judy


6 comments on “Fractured head to toe, day 10

  1. I hear you friend. I’m not quite as disabled as you & am getting out & around more & more, however, more comfortable in my chair at home. Hang in there l, it will seem it went faster than you think now once you get more mobile. It has been 5 mo for me & my getting out schedule is dr & treatments. No fun yet. Gidgett is very clingy now wanting to be close for she has had me home for so long. She has certainly made my down time more tolerable & know Gidgetts happy with the extra treats she deserves. I’m sure Freddie is enjoying you being accessible. I’ve gained 8 # since the fall so needless to say I’m doing a bit of treating myself with chocolate & comfort foods. 😋 Get better soon. I’m keeping you in thoughts & prayers. 🙏😘

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



    • Linda B.
      5 months!!!!! ai yiii yiiiiii yiiiii where does time go.
      Freddie is NOT enjoying me being more accessible because he’s not getting his daily walks. He finds TV boring and doesn’t seem to understand why I’ve become a couch potato!
      xxxx j


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