Whine On!

Twenty-eight days since fracturing my ankle (but who’s counting).  I was looking forward to my doctor’s appointment yesterday (“looking forward to a doctor’s appointment” – now, that’s a first for me) thinking I will finally give the orthopedic boot the boot and be frrrrrrreeeeeeee.  Not.  I forgot the ligament was going to take longer to heal than the bone.

  • The good news: The bone is healing, I don’t have to wear the boot to bed, the wrapping is off and can take a shower without my foot sticking out into the room.
  • The mediocre news:  I have to transition from the boot into an ankle brace sloooooooooowly . . .  for a month.
  • The bad news:  My ankle hurts if I walk and pain makes me crabby.

Elixir Fixer by Peggy

This would make a lesser person take to the bottle.  Which reminds me, today is National Wine Day. Read this fascinating post on the benefits of wine which include things I need RIGHT NOW:

  • Anti-aging  (who knew?)
  • Blood thinning (so it no longer boils)
  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases bone density
  • and . . .  6 more benefits (you’ll have to click on the link below to learn how all 10 benefits help you)

Click here: WINE ON!


4 comments on “Whine On!

  1. Hi Judith,

    I just saw your email and am so sorry about your ankle. I wish you a speedy recovery even though I know that it has been twenty eight days and you are not counting. I hope other than your ankle, all is well.

    Lots of hugs and kisses, Fariba



    • Fariba,
      How nice to get your comment!
      Thanks for the speedy recovery thoughts. The bone fracture is better (based on x-rays) but I fear the torn/pulled ligament is going to take a while. I’m alternating between the boot and ankle brace – no more stiletos! Meanwhile I’m hanging tight. The unfortunate part is that it flares all the fibromyalgia “stuff”. Such is life. I so hope you are doing ok and always sending love,


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