Sneak Peek at My Alien Babies Painted on Boxes

Needing a bit of variety (getting bored with just drawing nudes), I signed up for a beginning painting class.

In order to not take myself too seriously and give myself permission to experiment I’m painting on the inside of cereal boxes.  Canvas seemed much too intimidating and . . . the cereal boxes are free.

It’s a beginning oil painting class but 3 of us are using acrylic paint.  Acrylic is water based, dries fast (helps with my boredom quotient) and doesn’t have stinky solvent.  For the first lesson the teacher sent us a picture of a black and white alabaster bust of a small innocent looking child.

It’s challenging to say the least.  My paintings turned into alien babies.  After being initially aghast at how I transformed the innocent little child into someone from the outer realms I started to have fun painting alien babies.

Cereal box Alien Baby in Acrylic

Cereal box Alien Babies

Cereal Box Alien Baby

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at My Alien Babies Painted on Boxes

  1. Wow! I’m really impressed with your skill, as I think acrylic is a brand new medium for you. Maybe not babies, but maybe not aliens either. You’re doing a commendable job of expressing dimension, the hints of color accent the facial structure believably, and I really like your loose, gestural hand. Well done, Judy. Can’t wait to see your next class efforts.


  2. Most reports of alien encounters are with little grey ones – so perhaps you’re drawing from repressed memory of close encounters of the 3rd kind! Perhaps the ones you thought inhabited your body and are the reason for your fibro…


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