Sneak Peek – Nude No More

I was soooooo frrrrrrustrated in the last two life drawing class . . . the models were clothed . . .  sensuous lines of flesh, shadows high-lighting skin tones replaced by FABRIC . . . arrrrrrgh.

Two different poses – charcoal sketches on same paper

I pretended they were naked . . . 

Conte Crayon, 2 minute sketch
Charcoal, 2 minute sketch  (my favorite)


Pencil drawing on back of cereal box 

12 comments on “Sneak Peek – Nude No More

  1. I would be frustrated too if the models showed up in clothes. Its definitely less interesting. Your two minute sketch is fabulous. Bold and vibrant. Wow, so impressive. Like the drawing at the end in the hat too. Delicate and lovely.



    • Peta,
      Yes, clothes pose a whole other issue – finding the form underneath, folds and patterns and such I’ve not begun to master. Thanks – I like the 2-minutes sketch too. I have discovered I don’t have much patience and actually like the more limited poses.

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        • Peta,
          I like what you shared about “assuming the viewer is intelligent and not needing to get every line in . .” I never though of it that way – I don’t put every line in because I like impressionism more than realism AND, more importantly, I don’t have the patience to put in everything!


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