Fur Fun: Succeed or Fail

In my opinion, one of the most “damaging” things we can tell our children, or ourselves for that matter, is that if we set our mind to it and have the perseverance we can do anything, accomplish anything, be anything.  WRONG.

No matter how much I may want to be a nuclear physicist my brain simply will not grasp the finer, much less coarser, points of physics or math.  No matter how much I might want to be a sumo wrestler, my body, dexterity and athletic ability forbids it.

So if I were going to talk to The Cat in the Hat I would tell him to change what he preaches to:

You have brains in your head

You have feet in your shoes

Try things, succeed OR fail,

You’ve got nothing to lose. 



6 comments on “Fur Fun: Succeed or Fail

  1. I agree – except…One of my sons and one of my daughters-in-law are physicists, and another daughter-in-law teaches physics to middle school kids, and the oldest son is a systems administrator. In my case, my sons did do what they wanted. I just don’t understand any of what they do. But I did learn to spell physicist. Whew! 😀


  2. I definitely agree with your thought process. I am lousy at mathematics, so try as much as I like I highly doubt it would come to anything.

    I think though that the cat in hat message perhaps is more of choosing a direction, a path… Making choices when we get to the fork in the road as we all ultimately do, many times over.

    But point well made…..!


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  3. I think your version is much more realistic and encouraging – perhaps you have a new item to add to your already impressive resume – “Editor at large for Previously Written Quotes”. ??

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