Dogs of Blogs, Frankly Freddie – Doggone Well Done Dogs

Dear Freddie Fans,

Peggy & Judy (who I shall refer to as P&J to minimize typing paw pressure) just started a series called Well Done Women.  I have no problem  recognizing women . . . but it is a bit sexist of them to exclude males, of which I am one.  This post hopefully will remedy P&J’s over-sight, not to mention their reputation.

What’s a “Doggone Well Done Dog”?

  • She or HE has weathered years of human’s life experience.
  • She or HE has navigated changes – whether by choice, chance or necessity – and continues to adapt to human idiosyncrasy.
  • She or HE contributes to the world by caring for humans, both female and male.
  • She or HE is curious and open to having new tasting experiences.

My first DOGGONE WELL DONE DOG is Freddie Parker Westerfield

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CCT, RET. (Certified Canine Therapist)

After spending decades (in dog-years) as a psychotherapist in private practice, Freddie has not rested in retirement. He is a  Certified Human Trainer, Editor-in-Cainine for Freddie’s KNEWSletter, intrepid roving reporter and columnist for MAXyourMIND & CURIOUStotheMAX.

Here is one of Freddie’s intrepid reporter posts which reflects his unflagging attempts to help humans.  To read it in its entirety  click on the title:

Frankly Freddie – SIT!

I’m a sit expert and here to teach you how to stop sitting like a nut (literally and probably figuratively) . . . a cashew nut, and sit like me.

My human authority is Naomi Khan who knows what she’s talking about cuz she’s a spine surgeon.  She told me that most humans tend to round out their backs when they sit.  When your spine is in an improper position you’ll tend to have more back problems.  Listen to me!

Sitting like a cashew nut can damage the disks in your spine that act like little shock absorbers. This can cause the disks to degenerate, or for one side to bulge.  It can push against nerves, causing pain, or even rupture.  Ouch!

You can protect your disks by straightening the cashew.

Butt out!

Jean Sherer (another of my authorities) says your culture focuses on trying to stick out your chest (which might make you think you’re important) but doesn’t help your back.  Stop sticking your chest out and change the position of your pelvis, or butt.

“Sit up straight,” doesn’t mean to stick your chest out. Instead, stick your “tail” out, like me.

Proper sitting, head up, tail out.

Freddie Parker Westerfield, S.E.E.

Sit Expert Extraordinaire


P.S. I found an equal-opportunity,  non-discriminating blogger, Jessica SORTING LIFE’S ISSUES WITH JESS. 

She is hosting Dogs of Blogs, of which I am one.


Freddie’s Dogs of Blogs Posts:

Dogs of Blogs – Day 2-1/2

Doggone Well Done Dogs – Day 1

6 comments on “Dogs of Blogs, Frankly Freddie – Doggone Well Done Dogs

  1. Freddie, I am so glad to see you honored here as the first, the very first, Doggone Well Done Dog – cause you have earned this tribute. I know from personal experience how adorable you are and how socially advanced, having trained all the humans around you to sit up and take notice. As well as to sit up correctly and protect their backs, doggie style. Hope you are basking in canine glory today, and enjoying extra doggie treats. Be well, buddy.


  2. Freddie,
    Remi asked me to please send his heartfelt congratulations to you on being the first “Doggone Well Done Dog”. He is so proud of you and hopes you are enjoying the notoriety and accompanying well wishes sure to come from others.

    Please try not to overtax yourself with your incredibly busy schedule. Remember to stop and sniff whatever seems interesting, and enjoy treats whenever possible.

    Wags and love!


    • Dear Remi’s Mom, human being,
      Please thank Remi for such kind words and allowing you access to a computer. The only thing I don’t like about my incredibly busy schedule is it leaves me less time for the sniffing and “treating” which . . . is the price one pays for notoriety and fame.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Roving Reporter


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