Struggling to surrender to life

My biggest struggle is to not struggle.   The more I struggle to push through fibromyalgia fatigue, and stay engaged in life, the more fatigued I become.  After over 2 decades of living with a chronic condition struggling has become a self-defeating habit.


Soul Pancake “. . . brought in people ages 0-100 to answer some of life’s big questions. In this episode, we asked people “what are you struggling with right now?” From homework to depression, one thing rings true: humans, at any age, are struggling with something.

What about you, what are you struggling with right now? Share your experience in the comments section if you feel up for it.”


4 comments on “Struggling to surrender to life

  1. No public sharing from me, but I agree that we all struggle with something and I suspect that many of us struggle with many difficult situations. Which is why we should listen more, complain less, and have some empathy. (Are you paying attention, Shari?)


  2. I’m struggling to figure out if I’m not doing things because I’m not able to do them, or because I’m afraid I’m not able to do them. How much should I push myself? My life has changed so much, I don’t know my limits.


    • Wendy,
      After over 20 years I still have trouble – I either hibernate or push my limits. What I try to do is not schedule more than one thing a day. If I do something social I plan on doing very little for the next day or two. I will push myself if it’s something I really like to do or it’s a necessity (wants and needs are hard to sort out).

      Anticipatory anxiety about not knowing whether you can do something is normal.
      One of the difficulties about not knowing limits is that it’s extremely difficult to know what the limits are because they continually will shift. I’ve cut out a lot of things . . . I ask myself if it’s something that is really important, gives me pleasure . .. or it’s something I just THINK I should do to not disappoint or meet other people’s needs.

      It’s hard Wendy. The one thing I have gotten better at is not beating myself up for not doing more and giving myself permission to do less. Not sure if my answer is helpful as my life hasn’t changed nearly as much as yours. Given your circumstances I think you have done fabulously well.

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