Sneek Peek into my sketchy, messy life – painting mirrors life

Perhaps because I was a psychotherapist, the human form and face is what draws me (pun intended) as art subjects.

There is an interesting process in painting that mirrors our human progression:  Start with a sketch, fill in the darks and lights, correct, edit, change colors, redo, undo, fill in more detail and continue with more redirection and correction.

Each of these studies has layers and layers of acrylic paint.  Traces of the colored layers are still visible . . .  like all humans . . . 

I should take more pictures to chronicle the changing layers.  Here’s a glimpse into two stages

I finally run out of steam . . . or interest . . .  declare it done and move on to the next challenge.  Like my life


14 comments on “Sneek Peek into my sketchy, messy life – painting mirrors life

  1. Really interesting portraits and of course the topic of WHEN to stop during the process of creating a painting, is a fascinating one. If one is looking for perfection and keeps going and going, the painting of course can lose its freshness. So I always think better to stop too soon rather than too late.

    I like the process of taking photos along the way and have done that when painting as it is interesting to see what develops out of what.

    I really love the way you captured the eyes in your portraits. Not easy to do and you did it so well.



    • Peta,
      Thank you. I find it very challenging to work in acrylic for portraits. The teacher demos in oil. I gave up trying to get a smooth, blended effect. Once I gave it it was more fun.
      I find the question of “when to stop” for EVERYTHING interesting. I think fanaticism is at the extreme end of the “creative” spectrum.


  2. Hi Judy – Just want to say how great your portraits look… both are of “real” people in that they don’t look cartoonish (sorry, I know that you probably wanted them to), good balance, and lots of wonderful real emotions. I think you have found your topic…faces (which is where we find the most information). Get enough of these fascinating portraits and you could have a show! No, I am not kidding. Hope all is well. Jan Book


    • Jan, Thank you! Both for taking the time to comment and the affirming words – coming from you they mean a lot. No, I wasn’t trying to make them look cartoonish, just trying to make them look like (sorta) the photo references the teacher assigned. I may be wrong but I think the teacher was a bit taken aback because everyone was trying to do realistic skin tones and I didn’t care. Everyone in the Emeritus classes seem to aspire to photo-realism which I find amazing but boring to do.
      I know you’re not kidding . . .the paintings are currently showing in the garage. Even if I had that as a goal I wouldn’t have the faintest idea about how that works.
      sending love,


  3. Judy, I am mesmerized by these faces. You are absolutely extraordinarily talented. You’re capturing the personalities beneath the skin – so well done, really so very well done. You know exactly when to declare your portraits complete. I hope you continue.


  4. I love seeing these so much!! They inspire me to pick up my paints. Something I haven’t been inspired to do in a long time. When I start to paint now I feel like I don’t know anything, I get frustrated. I don’t feel the freedom of creativity any more, it feels like something I should know how to do and I lost it. It feels strained. I need to get back to the point where I understand that it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s about the process, not the finished product. Things are always so much easier said than done.
    Please continue to share your work, and take more photos of how it progresses, it really does give me a spark.

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    • Wendy,
      Absolutely! Pick up a brush, a pen, a pencil, a crayon and scribble, dab and smush.
      Feeling like you don’t know anything is PERFECT. If only we all could see with a beginners eye.
      I’ll continue to post my stuff knowing it is a bit of an inspiration for you to dive in there and “just do it”.

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