Frankly Freddie, Doggone Good Dog – Remi, fashion hound

Dear Freddie Fans,

Remi is a consummate human-trainer.  After a lot of trial and error Lyn, his human, finally has learned exactly when it’s time to eat, time to walk and time for treats.  Remi has also taken on the task of helping her be charitable.  Every week he takes her to a Senior Care Facility.

As a reward for Lyn’s good behavior Remi took her to the Annual La Chien Fashion Show because he was walking the runway . . . wearing a priceless couture fur coat.

This show helped raise money for no-kill shelter, pet adoptions and pet rescue programs. 

Remi is certified by the AKC as a “Canine Good Citizen” and a Certified Therapy Dog and now adds runway model to his resume.  Being a working canine can be exhausting . . .


Freddie Parker Westerfield,

Exhausted Roving Reporter

Click below to read more about Remington

The Tail of Remington.

10 comments on “Frankly Freddie, Doggone Good Dog – Remi, fashion hound

  1. Well that Remi is one multi faceted doggie! Hope the fashionista dimension doesn’t get to his head and that he has time away from the glitz to continue his humanitarian work as a compassionate canine. That said, what a great idea for raising money for a shelter! Bravo.



  2. Remi looks a bit pooped out at the end but what a good dog he is, working on behalf of his cousins. The fashions are very cool as well. You might enjoy the Guo Pei show at the Bowers Museum – spectacular art.


  3. Hey Freddie!!
    Thanx so much for the props and recognition, buddy! Lyn sends her thanx too. Really cool of you to take time to let all the peeps know what we’re up to!
    Hope you get some extra treats from your human, Judy, for all your hard work.
    Wags and wiggles,


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