I’m so disappointed

When I was in grade school we did “duck ‘n cover” drills. Ducking under a desk and covering your head was suppose to protect us from an atomic bomb drop. It was the height of the cold war between the United States and Russia.

I lived in Phoenix Arizona which was a small (by today’s standards) city surrounded by miles and miles of uninhabitable dessert where many alien spacecraft had been observed.
I prayed that the aliens would land and the entire world would then, out of necessity, come together in solidarity to protect the planet.

Alien Baby, by judy – acrylic on cardboard box

“Weird space object ‘Oumuamua’ was not an alien spacecraft after all, scientists say. The 1/4-mile long rock was first spotted in October 2017 by astronomers peering through a telescope atop Mount Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii. In the weeks after that, other ground-based telescopes around the world and space-based telescopes in orbit continued to monitor Oumuamua (Hawaiian for “scout” or “messenger”) as it zipped through the solar system at about 85,700 mph.”

There was also wild speculation that it came from an alien civilization.

“After a fairly exhaustive search, scientists couldn’t find any artificial radio signals coming from the interstellar objet known as Oumuamua.”

“The alien spacecraft hypothesis is a fun idea, but our analysis suggests there is a whole host of natural phenomena that could explain it,” said Matthew Knight, the study lead author from the University of Maryland, in a news release.

‘”While Oumuamua’s interstellar origin makes it unique, many of its other properties are perfectly consistent with objects in our own solar system,” said study co-author Robert Jedicke of the University of Hawaii. In fact, Oumuamua’s orbit, its path through our solar system, matches a prediction published in a scientific journal by Jedicke and his colleagues six months before Oumuamua’s discovery.”

One theory is that the object could have been ejected by a gas giant planet orbiting another star.

“Even though we know it’s a natural phenomenon, “we have never seen anything like Oumuamua in our solar system,” Knight said. “It’s really a mystery still,” he said.”

Decades later “duck ‘n cover” has been replaced by “lock down drills” for shooters.  The aliens are still waiting for us to figure out how to come together without their help.


The new study was published in the peer-reviewed British journal Nature Astronomy.

6 comments on “I’m so disappointed

  1. Just because we can’t scientifically explain something doesn’t mean it’s produced by aliens. It means we don’t know yet. Though I also think it likely that other forms of intelligent beings exist throughout the universe. They’re likely disgusted by us and don’t want to make intimate contact with so violent a life form.

    What is amazing about this post (which I’ve read three times, BTW) is how you connected duck and cover drills with alien life form invasions. You should work for NASA – they need a supple mind.

    As for the Alien Baby portrait – You have seen one, haven’t you? I can tell.


  2. Judy, I find your post to offer an intriguing two headed scenario. The non alien astroid is a reminder of how fundamentally vulnerable we are to some bit of rock hurling through space could, like it did 66 milliion years ago, wiping out human civilization and other life forms in a flash. I like the other scenario better, which is, alien civilizations that appear to have visited our small planet for as long as we can see in recorded history, (with representation of alien airborne craft visiting earth in most religious holy books and earliest paintings or drawings).



    Coming from France, where the French government made the bold decision years ago to release a massive hoard of alien life files collected over decades by the French state, I am firmly in the camp of believing that repeated visits have been dramatically and consistently recorded, reported, investigated and often covered up and, or kept secret. It appears that the U.S. government is starting to acknowledge the unavoidable such as the recent US Navy release of unexplained phenomenon caught on radar, infra red and video.


    • Ben,
      I too believe that we’ve been found, watched and explored by other life forms (I hesitate to call them out as “alien” for fear they won’t be treated “humanely”!). They are probably both fascinated and dumbfounded by what they’ve found. It’s the ultimate hubris to think we are the only forms of life. I didn’t know about the French government releasing hoards of files nor the USA press even reporting it?
      Thanks for your always thoughtful and informative comment.


  3. I remember those days and I think even as kids we realized duck and cover wouldn’t save us from extinction. We’d all learned about Japan. The lock down drills seem somehow more devastating. It’s not coming from somewhere else. It’s us. Scottie beam me up.


    • Jamie! How nice to hear your “voice”. I’ve missed you. And your point is well taken.

      For me the lock-down drills seem more devastating because as an adult I understand the threats with a different perspective than when I was a child. Based on my Baha’i beliefs – no matter what the time, place or circumstance it is always coming from “us”. The separation we feel from “others” is a false sense based on fear which ultimately is the real enemy.

      Thank you so much for your though provoking response. It provoked MY thought.


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