Sneeeek Peeek – Painting my way to THIN

On doctor’s “orders” I’ve been struggling to lose weight.  The biggest problem I’ve discovered is swallowing.  Now that art classes have resumed I think I’ve solved the “swallowing problem” . . . I’m painting . . .




Haven’t gained a single pound . . . So far so good . . .


5 comments on “Sneeeek Peeek – Painting my way to THIN

    • Sandra,
      Thank you! MAXyourMIND blog is dedicated to neuroscience and the research impacting our health and well-being, whereas CURIOUStotheMAX is dedicated to whatever we are “curious” about so be prepared . . . .
      My love back to your photography.


  1. These are so delectable I’ve gobbled every one of them with relish. Not pickle relish but utter delight. And I also have not gained a pound! Thank you for a delicious breakfast that’s high in fiber, low in sugar.

    You are meant to be an artist, Judy. Are you channeling Wayne Thiebaud?


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