Canine Coping With Covid

Ignorance is bliss; pets don’t watch the news or get bogged down in negativity on social media.

Peggy’s Granddog Gobi sez “Smell the roses”

“Your pets will know if you are stressed during this pandemic. They pay close attention to you. Pets sense if you are wary, if you are not your usual self. Animals notice your non-verbal behavior, how we move, what our faces look like, and also our tone of voice. They have learned from us and know when we are sad (and often come and comfort us) when we are mad (and may avoid us) or when we are happy (they may bark) or when we are stressed (they may be stressed by this, too). They even notice changes in our small–that we may not be aware of.”

Freddie sez “Let your alter egos out”.

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