Sneak Peak – Judy’s Pandemic Paintings

Although the Emeritus painting on-line classes had various assignments my first thought after seeing them all together was the self-isolation I have experienced for over a year.  Interestingly, “isolation” was never foremost in my conscious awareness when I picked the subject matter.IMG_0928

 Assignment, Paint a figure with light from a window

The safe but solitary view from a window that can’t be opened.  Facing the light from outside that casts a dark shadow behind.


Assignment, Figure in landscape -“tunnel composition”

This has a very similar feeling to me as the first.  No longer inside but in the shelter of a cave’s opening.  There are gathering dark clouds in the sunlit land.


Assignment, Abstract collage with gold paint

Pieces floating on a black background.  Not sure what the 3 circles with gold represent but they are all connected.


Assignment, paint a figure wearing white

Looking down – reading?  texting? reflecting? sad? pensive?  I’m not sure.  It too, is solitary.


Assignment, Landscape-“circle” composition

There is a solitary figure, again, facing the sunlight, sheltered under a tree.  The water is not still and the light is both in front and behind the figure.


Assignment,  Landscape, “S-shaped” curve composition

 Feeling a bit washed ashore on rocky terrain with everything horrific that is happening in the world and this is the painting that resulted.  It surprised me to see that no matter how isolated and inaccessible the terrain there are places of brightness and color.  It’s a relief there are no crashing waves to wash me out to sea.

Of course each viewer has their own unique impression when looking at images.  I wonder if you have a different impression than I do?

4 comments on “Sneak Peak – Judy’s Pandemic Paintings

  1. Judy, I continue to be moved by the depth of emotion in your paintings – and the increasing skill you exhibit year by year. Your work is gorgeous. I’d love to see it in person. Are you using acrylic paint? Do you use a photo reference or do you paint only from imagination and experience? How large are most of these? I hope you’re not still painting on cereal boxes. I feel like I’m walking through a museum of a master’s works. Extraordinary talent, just mesmerizing.


    • Shari, Will you marry me?
      Not on cereal boxes – Canvas paper and canvas board is a step up. They are all acrylic, about 9 x 12, with the lady on the bench smaller. Teachers have us all work from photo references that meet the assignment – which I pick and which I sorta, kinda, follow. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has not approached me to purchase. . . but your accolade is appreciated!

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