Sneek Peak at The Frog Princess Part 4

Judy has written another book.  It’s for children and adult-children–and you get a sneak peek at it!! This is part 4, click here for part 1 , here for part 2, and here for part 3.

It’s a little known fact that not all frogs are princes in disguise . . .

. . .  there are two genders, one of which is the “weaker sex”.

The Frog Princess


By Judith Westerfield

The Prince sighed
and the froggie replied

“Perfect you’re not
YOU are lacking a lot Can’t even fly
on your own in the sky. You’re not very fair
for a prince with no hair And It may be moot
But you’re short to boot.”

The Prince sighed as he replied,

“You’re right I fear
I’ve looked far and near
no matter if tall, or very small Whether blue, red or green Tall, wide or lean
Please stop my flight. Perhaps all are just right.
For a prince who’s uptight”

And lo the skies shook, right by the book,
A sight to behold Breaking the mold comes a princess so fair it’s hard not to stare. Shimmering green

A wondrous scene
A crown of red perched on her head.

Hard to grasp
The Prince gasped,

“From out of the blue? Too good to be true! No matter if tall
No matter at all!

No matter if green You are my queen!!”

The Prince cried!
And the princess replied,

“Well! It’s taken awhile,”

she said with a smile. And drops the prince, with nary a wince,
face first in the mud with a resounding THUD

The Prince spun his head

as the Princess said,

“Now know! When you take flight morning, noon or night”,

She said with great mirth,

“I promise to bring you . . . back to earth”

And this is how out of the blue. . .

wishes come true . . .


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