What happens “after” Covid – for P & J and YOU?

Covid will eventually be tamed, possibly taking the course of other diseases like polio, seasonal influenza, measles and the like. We have two questions we’ve asked ourselves:

  1. What changes have we made during this time that we will keep?
  2. What are the first few things we will do when we feel safe enough to be out and about without feeling cautious or in jeopardy?


Here’s what Peggy’s come up with . . .  at this moment: 

  • I am going to continue to keep a lot of supplies on hand. Just in case – plenty of food staples, and things like toothpaste and soap (and, of course, toilet paper).
  • After Covid, one of the first things I want to do  is to get new tennis shoes. I am hard to fit so I don’t buy online with the unending returns.  My current shoes are worn out because tennis shoes are all I wear!
  • I will make medical appointments that are just routine check-ups.  I managed to get in a few before the Delta variant became so widespread.
  • I want to have lunch with friends  . . . sitting inside at a restaurant.  I have ventured getting together outdoors with a few friends who I know have been as cautious as I am but it will be a relief not to have to be concerned about “who and where”.

Here’s what Judy’s come up with . . . at this moment:

  • I’ll continue my new found skill, cutting my own hair.  Can’t cut the back but, if I do say so myself, the front looks ALMOST the same as when I spend the big bucks at a salon.  Of course, the only person who sees me is my husband . . .
  • I’ll continue doing art classes online if they are offered – on-line classes are easier than going to a live classroom.  I don’t have to pack up/unpack and drive for 30 min each way.   Watching class recordings anytime I want is a big bonus.  
  • I am saving these for when Covid is better under control because that way I may never have to do them:   I will wear something other than old t-shirts, sweat pants, and a painting apron.  I may  donate my accumulation of “professional work clothes” that will probably not touch my body ever again.  I  will dust the house just in case someone visits.

Now it’s YOUR TURN:

What changes have YOU made during this time that YOU will keep?

What are the first few things YOU will do when YOU feel safe enough to be out and about without feeling cautious or in jeopardy?

2 comments on “What happens “after” Covid – for P & J and YOU?

  1. 1. I also will continue to cut my own hair. Figure I’ve saved at least $500 so far, enough to pay for the clipper kit with 10 “comb” sizes 10 times over.
    2. Will also donate my “professional clothes”, suits, ties, and keep one good black “marryin’ and buryin'” suit, 2 shirts, 2 ties, a dress belt and one pair of shoes.
    3. Look forward to not being judgmental and dismissive of those who continue to ignore science and are what I consider selfish in not getting vaccinated to protect themselves and others and get this thing over with.
    4. too many other social and public activities I miss to list.

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