Sneak Peak at my arty life – “Facing Failure”

When I was an active faculty member of The Academy for Guided Imagery, Dave Bresler (co-founder) talked abou how drug addicts often needed to get clean, reuse, get clean, reuse until able to finally stay clean – They “failed their way to success”.   At the time I didn’t make the connection to how I learn and live life.

In retrospect every time I failed at something, whether relationships, careers, projects, classes (took Statistics 3 times) failure was the learning impetus to learn (except for statistics) grow, and gain a bit of experience and, hopefully, wisdom to fail in new areas.

I also fail my way to success in every new art project. A current class assignment is to make a series of mixed media focusing on whatever we choose.

Here are my recent journey of “arty failures”.   Every one is a learning lesson. “I tried that, didn’t work . . .  wonder what would happen if I did this? . . . 

  1. Selfie Sketch, copied and pasted.    2. Smeared paint on top. 3. Pasted torn paper on top

(What I learned so far:  I don’t look good without a neck)

I’ll keep you posted to my arty progress for this assignment.

In the meantime, reflect on your own “failures”:  

What did you learn?

What “life lessons” have you repeated?


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