Mask ON!

I’m stocking up with masks and it’s not about Covid.  I agree it’s beneficial to see other people’s entire face while interacting, particularly to get social cues:  a smile, a frown, a curl of the lip.  BUT I have found that wearing a mask, besides added protection from Covid, has  benefits:  


  • Reprieve from social expectations.  I can look interested with my eyes, while my mouth grimaces.  It takes a bit of practice  . . . 
  • Be amused when no one knows what I’m really thinking – give a twinkle to my eye when the mouth is puckering. This takes even more practice to not pucker the eye.
  • Avoid colds and flu that circulate.  
  • Hide emotions like boredom when being regaled with the same story for the 9th time. 
  • Saves time and money not having to put on lipstick.
  • No need to worry about bad breath, mine or others
  • No one can tell me to “smile” through a bad day.  That’s where  practicing eye twinkling comes in handy.
  •  Makes me anonymous which is comforting since I’m introverted by nature.  

When the pandemic is finally under control and takes on the status of seasonal “flu” I’m planning to be a SITUATIONAL MASKER.



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