What we’re UP TO

Here’s the back story . . .

Our eyes are crossed trying to figure out where we’ve put our free stuff, our book stuff, our Zazzle stuff.  We toggle back and forth between CURIOUStotheMAX, MAXyourMIND and our KNEWSLetter.  And during Covid, because we’ve both been isolating, this involves MILLIONS of e-mails between the two of us. (maybe not millions, but a LOT)

Our Solution –  A NEW SITE!

Our new site will be dedicated to all our downloadable free PDF’s, information on our “creative creations” like books and art as well as seasonal items from our Zazzle Charity Store.  We’re hoping this helps uncross our eyes and makes everything easier for us (and you) to find.

For easy access all information on the new site’s main page will not change, unlike our blogs which have new posts every week. 

No worries.  CURIOUStotheMAX and MAXyourMIND will continue to have scintillating, informative and mind-boggling posts with finely rendered, and heart-wrenching illustrations.  And you will be able to access the posts through the site.

 The site name PeggyJudyTime will match our long held

e-mail PeggyJudyTime@gmail.com 

because we are into matching. 

Stay Tuned!


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