It’s TIME!

We need you to subscribe to our new site BECAUSE:

  1.  We are phasing out CURIOUStotheMAX and MAXyourMIND
  2. If you don’t subscribe you will miss all our Curious Critters
  3. If you don’t subscribe we will miss YOU.
  4. You could go into protracted mourning over your loss.
  5. You will be bored outa your MIND, no longer being able to be titillated by intriguing Mind-body articles

Why are we doing such a DRASTIC change to our lives . . . .and yours?

  1. We are consolidating and down-sizing our cyber presence.
  2. WordPress techies are getting bored and complicating the editing process beyond our needs, not to mention our tech-abilities.
  3. Judy is getting bored.
  4. Peggy is rarely bored but up for a change.


e-mail us at PeggyJudyTime@gmail with your preferred e-mail

You won’t regret it!

YOUR GOOD NEWS! If you are reading this you are automatically subscribed.  So tell a friend . . . or two or three.

2 comments on “It’s TIME!

  1. So excited to receive this email! Can’t wait to read all the upcoming posts. Happy Holidays my dear forever friend, Judith. Forever grateful for the wisdom you shared with me for so many years. Big love and Big hugs to you. Susan❤️

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