Inktober Unmasked

Mardi Gras Meowie Posting a drawing a day on Curious to the Max with a once-a-week Sunday-7 Day Retrospective on CATNIPblog for those of you who just want to click- off the dailies! INKTOBER – THE END!

The Mask of Invisibility and Me

In 1996 I contracted an invisible “illness”.  I began experiencing excruciating burning pain in my hands, arms and legs followed by gastrointestinal, cardiological, dermatological, emotional “issues”.  The worst part is I was also in peri-menopause and experiencing mood swings, wildly, … Continue reading

The Face of Joy MASK Workshop

Great group of people who attended my The Power of Therapeutic Creative Expression presentation for the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and created their mask of Joy. We decorated masks: The outside – the joy I show to the world The … Continue reading

Vision Masks

Had a deeeeeeeeeelightful time with Stephanie Fermelia’s Heart Support Group at Hoag Hospital doing VISION Masks. We ran out of time to fully process the collages (or even finish some).  Vision Masks are based on vision boards but can give … Continue reading

Mask Painting to Express Feelings – Wendy’s Mask

After posting pictures of one of my  mask workshops mask-painting-to-express-feelings Wendy Holcombe commented that she wished she could paint a mask (my words, not hers).  So I sent her a mask form that I use in my Therapeutic Creative Expression Workshops. Take … Continue reading

The Mask We Show to the World – In the Face of Pain

A favorite Therapeutic Creative Expression exercise is mask painting – whether it is on an actual mask or on a 2-dimensional outline I have participants paint or collage the inside and the outside of their mask representing in color, symbol, … Continue reading

Need more international culture? Go to a Museum from Your Couch

Looking for some new entertainment?  You can tour these famous museums from home! Here are 12 of the world’s incredible museums: British Museum, London Egyptian Mummy The British Museum is dedicated to art, culture and human history. It’s collection of eight … Continue reading

Do you want an easy and MEANINGFUL way to make a difference?

Macy is looking for a pen pal with interest in church, singing and playing checkers, because he is the current checkers champion. Ms. Julie says she loves cats and crossword puzzles. Ms. Edna is looking for someone to chat about … Continue reading

A WARNING for You and HOPE for Me

I’ve written so many times about my Fibromyalgia (ME)/Chronic Fatigue symptoms that they bore even me. However . . .  COVID-19 symptoms and Fibro/Chronic Fatigue symptoms have an eerily similar overlap.  Some people who have had COVID-19 are experiencing a slow, … Continue reading

If this isn’t a reason to stay out of public spaces, we don’t know what is

TERRIFYING SIMULATION SHOWS HOW VIRUSES SPREAD WHEN YOU COUGHA new 3D-rendered simulation by Finnish researchers shows how aerosol particles coughed out by a person in an indoor environment can spread terrifyingly far. BY VICTOR TANGERMANN (posted in it’s entirety) The … Continue reading

Celebration, Confession and Happy Anniversary*

Noticed the new header?  The critters are creations from CATNIPblog and the magnificently, masterful, murky minds of Peggy & me. Here’s whatsup: After retiring I have more and more time but, as you’ve noticed, there have been fewer and fewer … Continue reading

Being tired is exhausting

I look normal, I act normal (relatively normal).  However, I feel exhausted much of the time, my body aches from head to toe and my brain sometimes has trouble remembering or concentrating.  Please don’t tell me to exercise more, eat … Continue reading

Post-Traumatic GROWTH?

Skimming my surface tell-tale signs of suffering The pain buried deep My haiku was inspired by Carolyn Thomas’ Post-Traumatic Growth: how a crisis makes life better – or not.  Carolyn had a myocardial infarction – the “widowmaker” heart attack.  Since that life … Continue reading

The Magic of Imagery

My wonderful, wacky, creative friend and colleague Daru Maer and I are doing a presentation at the Imagery International Conference this October. We’re doing an experiential presentation: “The Magic of the Mask”. Each of us has done variations of this workshop.  Now … Continue reading

“F” Words

Those of you who know me, KNOW how pristine, proper and perfect I am. However, I was throwing around lots of “F” words:  Fibro, Focus & Faith!  at The National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day sponsored by FANN – Fibromyalgia Awareness National Network  and … Continue reading

FREE! Celebrate YOU! this Sunday May 6th

Living up to my well earned title of Goddess of the Last Moment . . . I was asked to speak at the FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS DAY 2012 at California State University, Fullerton on this Sunday May 6th.    CELEBRATE YOU! If you … Continue reading