What’s Therapeutic Creative Expression

A workshop participants journal pageThe Ultimate Self-Help!  (at least it helps me)

No art experience or talent needed. Therapeutic Creative Expression is based on using pictures and color spontaneously and intuitively.  It takes no artistic knowledge just scissors, magazines, paper and paste.  If you want to throw in a bit of color markers, crayons, pens, pencils, cheap acrylic paint can be used.

An image is worth a 1,000 words.  Images are picked intuitively to paste onto the page – they can be literal, symbolic  and/or metaphorical representation of your thoughts, feelings, wishes, experiences you want to express.

Therapeutic for the BODY: Research has shown that doing creative expression all forms, journaling, painting, sewing, knitting, drawing, etc – LOWERS the stress response & and bolsters immunity.  (will not, however, help you lose weight or eliminate wrinkles)

Therapeutic for the MIND: It’s a safe, quick, easy way to express inexpressible thoughts & feelings and give vision to the invisible using images, shapes, color.

Therapeutic for the SOUL: Creative expression comes from unconscious wisdom and knowing.  When you allow yourself to focus on the PROCESS of doing, knowing there is no right or wrong way to express yourself you suspend your ego.  (some egos take more suspension than others) All creative expression is a reflection of your being.

This is what you’ll find (among other things) on the Curious to the MAX:

1. Lots’a my own drawings, paintings, poems and stories to prove that I use it for stress reduction (and mainly to amuse myself).

2. Tutorials: Drawing, journaling, processing etc. (not a lot posted because I’m busy amusing myself)

3. Sharing:  YOUR creative expression. (I need help with material for my posts)  You do NOT need to have any talent, experience nor artistic ability to doodle, smush paint and wax poetic.



Send me your creative “stuff”.  I’ll post your photographs, poems, haiku, paintings drawing to inspire others.


The Frog Princess & The Prince, by judy

The Frog Princess & The Prince, by judy

“All Art is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  When this light shines through the mind of a musician, it manifests itself in beautiful harmonies.  Again, shining through the mind of a poet, it is seen in fine poetry and poetic prose.  When the Light of the Sun of Truth inspires the mind of a painter, he produces marvelous pictures. These gifts are fulfilling their highest purpose, when showing forth the praise of God.”  The Baha’i faith, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

18 comments on “What’s Therapeutic Creative Expression

  1. Yes it is so true that creativity is therapeutic. And it is the process which is so mesmerizing once one gets into a “groove”. I used to paint, a lot when my children were little, it really was my life line. I had always picked up crayons and markers as a kid as a way to relax and restore balance and found it again years later.

    I like the challenge of new creative stuff which is then followed by the therapeutic effects and benefits. I started playing the Native American Flute. No I am not musical by any stretch, and it first it definitely WAS a challenge, but now I get the benefit and enjoyment out of it. Even if I pick it up for just a few minutes, it makes a difference to how I feel and how my day goes.



  2. Hi there, Judy. I’m pretty impressed by your work here. I run a blog about creativity and I would love to make a post about the therapeutical effects of creativity in one’s life. Do you mind if talk about your work? By the way, great blog! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


    • Henrique,
      I took a look at your blog and your work. Pretty impressive that you are so fluent in both Portuguese and English. I admire anyone who has more than one world view and languages certainly do that.
      I would be honored if you talked about the therapeutic effects of creativity. That’s my purpose for this blog and however the message can be brought to others is wonderful.


  3. So live by what you say regarding the major therapeutic benefits of creative expression. I have used it to make sense of my journey through and out the other side of depression and have published a book of poetry as my recovery narrative fully illustrated by all my own artwork and photography. I would be happy to share some images on your blog if you are interested.


  4. “express the inexpressible experience of having a life altering condition” <- My eyes went straight to this sentence ! highly agreed !!! Thank you so much for dropping by to Beauty of Sorrow blog. I'm also glad to discover your blog 😀 Have a lovely day !


  5. I’m so excited to find your blog. Phylor sent me a link to it, and I’m so grateful!
    I have been a artist for as long as i can remember, but I’ve been feeling a bit stagnated…and uninspired. I think mostly because of my health.
    I have a few chronic illnesses, but the main one I struggle with is Meniere’s Disease.

    i felt my artwork was just that…work. I wanted it to be more…to show more of what I’m going through, to inspire, to help me get through the rough times.
    I want my creativity back…I know it will help me.

    Thank you for this inspiration!


  6. I wrote this poem several years ago about my ferret, Jester. She was a playful, happy animal. Jester went to Rainbow Bridge in 2008. I still miss her joyful ways.

    The Old Ferret

    Will you still love me when I’m old?
    When my mask is grey?
    When end my adventures bold?

    I’m slower now and I sleep
    more than in my younger days.
    I can’t jump as much nor can I leap.

    I don’t feel so well and it’s hard for me to eat.
    The kibble is too hard. And I miss my litterbox.
    Will you feed me ducksoup and keep me clean and neat?

    Too many humans leave their old friends
    to die in a strangers care.
    Will you stay with me until the end?

    I look into your eyes and in your loving gaze
    I see my answer and know
    You will love and stay with me all my remaining days.

    For Jester
    My little lady, my old clown
    I remember the days gone by
    when your antics kept me from getting down.

    You always gave me a laugh
    a kiss, a dook, a lesson to live
    and love life. To find and stay on my path.

    I look into your eyes so old
    I remember the fun we had
    I recall your adventures wild and bold.

    You don’t have to dance or dook
    To have an adventure
    To hide something else you took.

    Your cuddles and kisses
    Deep sighs of contentment
    and my love’s bonding caresses

    I am thankful you are in my life
    I will love you now,
    to the Rainbow Bridge, and in afterlife.


  7. Creativity breathes life into you, even when things are at their worst. I have lived through 50 years of fibromyalgia. During the first 34 years I was not diagnosed, though I was labeled a hypochondriac. My mother was ordered to ignore “it” and it would go away. oh, how I wish that was true!

    I loved doing anything creative from early on. That was fortunate, because it got me through many years of pain and abuse. Early on it was almost an obsession, an obsession I craved and that saved me. For those moments I was creating I was transported to a completely expanded place both within me and out of my circumstances at the same time.

    Coming back to the life I was living, pain had gone, and it stayed gone for a while. It breathed life and hope back into me so I could continue. Continuing in art I am now a professional artist and a professional journyist to places within and without and teach others to do the same.

    I am glad to see this kind of website, which I found on the NFA’s website. I hope you can help many people find their joy.


    • Jeanne!
      I’m so glad you found Max & Me! I love to share people’s creative expressions. If you’d like send me pictures and I’ll post. (and of course give you credit and links if you’d like) Your testimonial to creative expression really resonates with me and I know thousands of others. My hope is that those who haven’t discovered it’s healing benefits will be inspired by my blog and people exactly like you.
      with deep appreciation,


  8. I can absolutely get onboard with this. In fact, I’ll even start up the creativity train and run it through the station as fast as possible. Everyone on the platform will be scared out of their minds but those of us on the train will know what’s really up.

    And we’ll all hug . . . each other. (sorry Matt! I edited this last statement – But I do like your exuberance!, Judy)


  9. Judy…
    Your theories about creative expression being therapeutic were aptly demonstrated at our Gourd Society playday yesterday when Gaye led an African doll making session. It was fun, challenging yet relaxing, and so satisfying. Continue the good work you do, my friend. Susan


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