Snow Jobs & SNICKER Bars

It snowed 2 inches ’round here,
leaving no time for pretzels and beer.
As we shoveled and shivered,
at you low-landers we snickered
who think raking is something to fear

by Rick Yerman in response to I’ll Take the Fall 

Rick, Can’t snicker at this . . . homemade bliss . . .

Homemade Snickers from Iheartnaptime **

Layer #1:  1 1/2 cups milk chocolate chips and  1/4 cup peanut butter

Layer #2
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 7 oz jar marshmallow fluff
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup salted peanuts chopped, roughly chopped
Layer #3
1 14 oz bag of caramels
1/4 cup whipping cream
Layer #4
1 1/4 cup milk chocolate chips
1/4 cup peanut butter

For directions on layers 1, 2, 3 & 4 you will have to click on Homemade Snickers from Iheartnaptime so I don’t get in trouble posting the entire recipe!!!!!!

** Makes sense the blog is called “I Heart Nap Time”.  4 separate layers! – tires me out just writing it down . . . on my way to buy a package of Snickers, a BIG package.

P.S.  Another comment I just got.  It’s a bit more POETIC!

As to fall,
I leave all
the leaves to you.

By Vandi Clark


My Encounter with Free Speech REVISITED

american-100-dollar-bills-16440059After having this blog be slammed by spam on several occasions:  One time –  some kind of “cookie-thingey” was attached to Max’s picture (deleted the picture from the post and the spam stopped); another time my headline

Naturally Nude and She’s no slouch!

produced lots of spam (sex ads and links) and continues to get hits!

It’s astounding how many people are looking to see Christine Lagarde the director of the International Monetary Fund naturally nude . . .

Consequently, I’m as careful as I can be screening the comments that may sneak through the spam filter.  Today I received a comment on my post My Encounter with Free Speech from a Mr McDaid.  He isn’t subscribed to the blog, has never commented before and I couldn’t trace who he might be.

Not Mr McDaid

Not Mr McDaid

Mr McDaid, I’m NOT going to approve your comment. However, what you said was so thought-provoking I’ll go you one better and post it:

 “Maybe you were missing the point. If impeaching Obama doesn’t make sense, maybe the point was $100 and impeaching Obama was the rhetoric that gets certain folk all fired up enough to miss the point and hand over the cash. Remember the old saying ‘if you want to understand the crime, follow the money.’”

THAT, Mr McDaid, NEVER occurred to me. 

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesssssssssting.

Would that occur to YOU?

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

For those who haven’t read, or don’t remember, here’s the link to:

My Encounter with Free Speech

IF – an open letter to Rick Clarke, My FIRST secret crush

Links to back stories so you are not as confused as “SOME people: 50th High School Reunion and My Secret Jealousies


I received this e-mail titled “My mega disappointment” this morning:

“Dear Little Miss Manners.  All of these decades I have lived with the illusion that I, Rick Clarke, was your secret crush. Now I have been outed in public that it was Billy Nelson, not I.  Oh what shall I do?”

Dear Rick,
IF you had been to the reunion AND read THE PROGRAM THAT EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE RECEIVED you would know what I wrote: “Secret CrushES – (I would never have admitted it then) Bill Nelson’s falsetto and sense of humor, Rick(y) Clarke – cute, tall and kind“.

Rudyard*, not Rick Clarke

Rudyard*, not Rick**

IF you had been to the reunion YOU WOULD HAVE HEARD Mike Bewley read (with a wry smile) the afore-mentioned program, using the microphone  booming out for all to hear  emphasizing “RICK CLARKE TALL, CUTE & KIND and BILL . . . having a sense of humor . . .)

If you had been to the reunion YOU would have heard me ask YOU and Bill to come to the podium where I would declare, IN PUBLIC, my undying secret crush on YOU SINCE GRADE SCHOOL . . . and Bill.

Devastated to hear Rick Clarke was not at the reunion

Devastated to hear Rick was not at the reunion

If you had been at the reunion you would have seen me look longingly around the room, waiting for you to rush to the podium, but hearing instead an anonymous voice call out “Rick’s not here.”  Being the consummate professional, I continued, never showing my hurt and disappointment that again I wasn’t even important enough to you to come to the reunion to see me.

If you had been to the reunion YOU would have seen how EMBARRASSED BILL was, possibly indicating he never crushed me back and was disturbed by the thought that I, instead of Kay Wester adored him . . . further devastating my fragile psyche, and denying me the fall back position of focusing on YOU.

(Charlotte too declared her secret crush to be Bill thank goodness she never told him in high school or I would have been COMPLETELY devastated to watch BOTH a secret crush and a secret jealousy be boyfriend and girlfriend and get married and attend the reunion as husband and wife further wounding me for the rest of the time I have here on Earth).

If you had been to the reunion YOU would know that since you spurned me FIRST, and scarred me for a lifetime I have ever more been too frightened to tell anyone I had a crush on them, thus denying me the REMOTE pleasure and knowledge, that it might have been humanly possible for any male, much less Bill,  to crush me back . . . instead of them always yearning after Kay Wester and Charlotte Mills.

If you had been to the reunion YOU would know that I adored you FIRST since GRADE SCHOOL before I ever met Bill Nelson.  But because you spurned me I had to turned my sights to Bill since he AT LEAST spent time with me in High School whereas you completely ignored me.  (I admit though that Bill damaged me more than you since he kept my hope up longer by spending time with me).

If you had been to the reunion and had taken the time to come and SEE ME YOU would not be wallowing in self-pity, hurt feelings and otherwise unbecoming behavior for a grown MAN, which you were not when I had my crush on you.

And so, my dearest Rick,

Please be comforted to know YOU will always be in my heart

as the FIRST to ignore me.


Rudyard, not Rick

Rudyard, not Rick**

*True Story, in addition to the above TRUE story:

When I was in grade school (with Ricky Clark) I had Rudyard Kipling’s poem IF in a frame hanging in my bedroom.  Haven’t a clue how I got it but NOW (thanks to Rick) I realize it was to portend things to come:

Here’s the last stanza which use to read over and over trying to understand how it applied to me.  (true)

“If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, (yup, all the way until senior year in college)
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch, (yup, still common)
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, (Rick Clarke and Bill Nelson – probably Kay and Charlotte too)
If all men count with you, but none too much: (NOW that’s the truth, I never got TOO much from Bill or Rick)
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run (been running toward forgiveness for 60 YEARS)
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!” (Maybe that’s why I’m so confused . . .)
Rudyard Kipling


Full Disclosure & Disclaimer AGAIN . . .:

  • I did have a framed poem IF, by Kipling on my bedroom wall and pondered it.
  • Names have STILL NOT been changed as NO one, any longer, is innocent.
  • Small details may not be 100% accurate as research indicates that time can affect memory and the reunion was (can’t remember how many) days ago.
  • And FINALLY Still! No apologies to anyone I might have offended.

**P.S.  Rick, I can NOT find one picture of you to post to PROVE I had great taste, even at such a young age, and you were indeed CUTE and TALL.  IF you are still cute and tall please send me a picture.

Rudyard, not cute

Rudyard, not cute


50th High School Reunion – An Open Letter to Terry G.

Dear Terry G.,

Thank you for your invitation to our 50th high school reunion this coming weekend in Phoenix.  However . . .  I would have appreciated a warning notice that the invite was coming with an alert to be sitting down before I read it.    Your first sentence: “Oh my gosh . . . a half a century . . . just doesn’t seem possible!”  set off an eye twitch that has not subsided.

50 years!!!!!!!!  Half a century!!!!!     Terry, Terry, Terry, when we were in high school, people our current age were dead at worst or senile at best.  Please never lead off any invitation with a reference to centuries or decades.

To add to the assault you included my senior class picture.  Please don’t get me wrong – I appreciate your taking the time to scan pictures into your invite and I admire your creativity but honestly Terry my second eye started twitching.

Senior Picture

Senior Picture

WHO is that girl?   You must have air-brushed the wrinkles out, colored the hair?  I absolutely remember that is NOT how I looked.  I was much plainer looking . . . (no wonder I’m a psychotherapist)

You went the extra mile scanning the picture of the student body executive board into your invitation but . . .  when I saw it I got queasy. I had big crush on the President, Bill Nelson.  He never seemed interested in me so I never told anyone.  Unrequited love really hurts . . . (no wonder I have a heart arrhythmia.)

Judy, Senior, board Pic

You really went all out to include a list of all the honors & activities I was involved in. Wow!  I was really active(no wonder I’m always tired now).

However, Terry, it’s the very last entry in the list of accolades and activities that created outright nausea:

Miss “Senior Hambone”

I am looking forward to seeing you Terry.  It has been a very long time.  I’m glad you included your senior picture and your current picture on the invitation so I will recognize you.  You’ll have no trouble recognizing me.  I’ll be the one with both eyes twitching, periodically running to the bathroom.


Pure Play – “No Thought to Outcome, Function or Future”



Dear Westerfield,
“. . . The art class I am taking is taught by a . . . woman . . .  who is sucking the life and joy out of her students. She has already separated me from a nice woman I met there. No one is allowed to talk .  . .  I once, shall we say, talked back to her and I felt like I was Norma Rae. Hence, I will be sent to the principal soon, I’m sure. I hate going to the class but I want to stick it out for myself. She is always tense, tells stories, LONG, boring stories (multiple times) about herself and even the barrette that she wears on the side of her hair is annoying.

She is a good artist but as a teacher, HORRIBLE.  I am sticking it out . . .  [because] it took me years to sign up, to push myself and I am proud of me doing it.”

My heart simply went out to Laurie.  She’s landed in a creativity-killer-class. I say she should ask for a refund with added reimbursement for creativity abuse.

Every serious artist I’ve met who went to art school tells tales of how stressful it was. Teacher critiques were at the best uncomfortable and at the least brutal.  Now I’m not down on art school – wish I had the opportunity to attend one.  I am down on teaching methods that take the joy out of creativity.

Famous MAJOR artists play! – splashing paint (Jackson Pollock),  abstracting images until they were “childlike” (Picasso), images-11put together surreal elements (Joan Miro) and all explored and experimented outside the “technique of their time”.

Art should be fun, art should be pushing your own limits with curiosity and adventure not with the goal of doing it “right” or for someone elses approval. Creativity is “PURE PLAY – ” no thought to outcome, function or future” Eric Anderson

P.S.  I’m proud of you too Laurie!


MY ALL TIME HIGH – And it’s not from drugs . . . Phish Oil, maybe

  • fish 531         
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  • Other search terms 8 
  • Unknown search terms 5
Total search terms  563

It’s 10 am and my blog search stats are through the roof.  A million would be through the roof.  So, maybe to the roof.   Laurie F. of Hibernationnow told me that occasionally my “FISH POSTS” are included with my other posts.  ????  I’m not the one responsible.  HERE’s my evidence Laurie:

  1. I have 135 loyal followers.  Each one of you is intelligent, curious, great sense of humor and wise beyond your years.  If you weren’t you wouldn’t be my loyal follower. And that’s the truth!
  2. EACH ONE of you would have to search for my fish post and access it about 5 times during the night while I was innocently sleeping.

I suspect you had better things to do.  I suspect one of the following “followers” who are NOT loyal has been pfishing.   Which one do you suspect?  (I’ve deleted their links so as not to encourage them further)

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Popsanger Lady Gaga , bare om de mest spændende og
de seneste kunstnere i på det seneste , har meddelt hende ivrigt forventede vende tilbage til
USA indenfor hælene på hendes udsolgte Europa-turné. Kesha
blev udviklet i Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, den 28. marts 1986, hun jane er
en amerikansk musiker. Hun begyndte at optræde indeni rockmusik scene af nyeste
York Citys Lower East Side. Hun snart underskrevet med Streamline Records, et aftryk af Interscope Records, indledte sit virke i 2007. Udover
modtager generelt positive anmeldelser , det nåede nummer et i Canada, Østrig og Tyskland.


 P.S.  DO YOU GET MY FISH POSTS TOO?  Just curious.


(This is a Glumfish)

You MISSED me! I’m touched

I’ve not posted for over a week nor looked at my computer.  Wow! Was I surprised tonight when I found a record number of comments waiting for my reply.

And I am so touched by all of your concern but ESPECIALLY your comments of encouragement while I’ve been off-line. There were so many comments that I’ve only posted the ones that touched me most*.   I am sure they will inspire you to comment too:

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*Apologies to all of you who took the time to comment which I mistook for spam.  Please do NOT stop commenting.