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On CURIOUStotheMAX we share all the “stuff” we find curious, interesting and amusing.  You have access to what we’ve created, taught & presented as psychotherapists and as now retirees.

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 (Peggy is taller but Judy has to stand up straighter so the birdie doesn’t fall off)

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21 pages of Incredibly Creative tips, tools & techniques to help you de-stress.

To download your free copy click here:  Stress-Incredibly Creative Stress Kit, Jan 15, 2019___


Heart to Heart with Love Audio Recording_

You are guided to open your heart to experience love that perhaps you rarely think about or consider but is always there. 


“The Pulling, Pushing, Climbing, Falling Down Tale of

Maui and His Back Legs”

Free Children’s book PDF – The healing journey of Maui the Cat

Published on Amazon and Kindle


Free Maui Coloring Book Pages

Click here for free pages

from Peggy’s Children’s book about her real life cat’s healing journey.

For your children, grandchildren and the child inside you

Click Here for Free Critters Coloring Book Pages

Framed Drawings of Meowie and Woofer

for you, your children , grandchildren or the child inside you to color